Winning the Disruption Game with HubSpot – Data is Key

Britta Schloemer
Jun 14, 2021 3:11:24 PM
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Corona has forced us into digital transformation virtually overnight. Digitization has become much more important all over the world. At the same time, however, many companies have been made aware of their own digital shortcomings. There is a risk that the gap in the economy will continue to grow, as not all companies are equally capable of intensifying their digitization efforts. 
A study by a Swiss university confirms: 85 % of the companies are “digital dinosaurs”. They were classified as such when neither their customer experience nor their operational processes are digitized. Only 25 percent have a digital strategy for the entire company. If those that have a digital strategy for individual business units or sub-areas are included, the proportion rises to 63 percent. Over 1000 people from the SME sector were surveyed.
Depending on the industry and business model, companies are affected differently by the crisis: Companies with an advanced level of digital maturity were better prepared than those still at the beginning. Technologically advanced ones were therefore significantly more resilient during the shutdown. 
They were able to respond more quickly to the loss of direct customer interaction as well as supply chain bottlenecks. And they were also able to dynamically reduce costs during demand declines and production stoppages with the help of digital tools and automated processes. Companies with online sales and collaboration software were able to sustain customer loyalty and even emerge stronger from the crisis.

Empathy and authenticity are required

But still, today most of us do not know what customers will want tomorrow. You can ask customers today if they are satisfied - and tomorrow they will run away. If someone comes along tomorrow with a better digital offer, your customer will be gone. Fact is: Most of us must learn how to deal with all the data our customers left to really understand them, to really understand the Customer Journey we always talk about. We must communicate with our customers emphatically and authentically.
To do this, it is important to use the data that is available to us. We need to break down the data silos that exist in companies and bring all the information together. Whether it is xls tables from event management, product data, customer information from sales teams or market information.
HubSpot’s Operations Hub
Source: HubSpot
HubSpot’s Operations Hub: Merge data, cleanse it and turn it into automated communication processes with customers by the help of workflows.
Only when we bring all this, into a holistic view of the customer, will we learn to understand our customer. To address them in a way that they feel understood. And that's where solutions like HubSpot can help us. The new Operations Hub from HubSpot is the solution to merge data, cleanse it and turn it into automated (communication) processes with customers by the help of workflows.

Manage a tech stack with ease

With Operations Hub, teams can sync data across their business apps bi-directionally and in real-time, allowing them to manage a tech stack with ease, no matter how complex it is. The tool is aimed specifically at those responsible for marketing, sales, and customer service, so called “Revenue Operation Teams”, short “RevOps”. 

They can roll out workflows that automatically keep their database clean and up to date, helping them to maintain a reliable view of the customer, no matter how many touchpoints they manage. And they can design sophisticated custom automation actions to deliver a deeply personalized and contextual experience to customers, no matter how large their customer base grows.
The tool complements the existing CMS Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub as part of HubSpot's integrated CRM platform. By linking your applications on a central CRM platform, you can clean up customer data and automate your business processes. It allows to manage your tech stack with ease, no matter how complex it is.
With new data quality actions in workflows, automate the work out of annoying and time-consuming data issues. Clean up date properties, capitalize first names, and more with new out-of-the-box automations. With HubSpot workflows, your data will be clean and under control, automatically, so your Operations team can focus on sparking growth instead of putting out data fires.
Operations Hub starts free. For no fee, you can sync dozens of your favorite apps with HubSpot. It includes for example data synchronization, default field mappings, contact management, company insights or custom properties. Operations Hub Starter unlocks additional syncing features and clocks in at $41/month; Operations Hub Professional costs $662/month. Here you can automate your business process, clean customer data, and manage your scaling business.
Do you have any questions about digitizing your marketing, sales, and service team? Our experts will be happy to help.

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