We are your Communication Hub

We take over your communication - with customers, interested parties, press and public

In the digital age, nothing is more important than staying in touch with all the target groups that are important to you. Customers, prospects, journalists - all these people are inundated with messages, emails, social media posts, and WhatsApp on a daily basis. People's attention span drops significantly and your company messages, your service offers to regular customers, your newsletter and your care call penetrate less and less. Only when your company's communication is differentiated and stands out will you be perceived with your messages.


Customers, interested parties, and also journalists want to be addressed individually. You expect your company to recognize them across all communication channels. Emails are only accepted if they are individually written and refer to the context and background of the previous communication.

All of these requirements together overtax the capacities and technical capabilities of many teams in marketing departments, social media teams, or press departments. Even when it comes to addressing interested parties (leads), the company's own people seldom catch up quickly enough. Today, interested parties who ask a question via the online contact form expect a personal answer - within seconds. At Thought Leader Systems, we have responded to the challenges of our clients in multi-channel digital communication and work around the clock for our clients - so that they can communicate with their customers and other target groups successfully and in real-time.

Our range of services as a communication hub includes many different and highly specialized services, which we provide for medium-sized companies and corporations alike.

  • Social Interaction Center: Your social media presence is online around the clock. We monitor the dialogue about your company and everything that is important to you. With professional social monitoring, we help with online dialogues, operate social listening, and take care of personal inquiries to your company quickly and individually. In the languages in which your customers speak.
  • 360-degree press office: You are in close dialogue with journalists, press representatives, and multipliers of the public. These market participants expect a trusting and beneficial dialogue. We work as your press office, provide your external press hub or strengthen your team in case of a high volume of press contacts.
  • Brand Community Hub: Inspire your customers and make them part of your brand. With a customer community, you create a platform for dialogue with your customers and for the exchange of information between your customers. We develop your optimal community concept, create the infrastructure, and relieve you in the management of your customer community - online and offline.
  • Campaign Management Center: Where and with which marketing campaigns do you reach new customers? How do you start an individual customer dialogue through your campaigns - with thousands of customers simultaneously? We are specialists in modern inbound marketing and account-based marketing. We support your marketing campaigns with content marketing and marketing automation software.
  • Lead Management Center: How do you win the right customers? Who develops and monitors your Buyer Personas? We support your lead generation and new customer acquisition. For this purpose, we take over the contact initiation and the dialogue with interested parties. We qualify and maintain the contacts to your newly acquired prospective customers and forward qualified leads to your sales department.

We communicate with the public, your customers and your leads – in real time

Nowadays, businesses communicate with multiple customers at the same time, in real time. They manage media requests and are visible on social media. Successful communication with customers from a variety of target groups entails an acute knowledge of social media and its possibilities as well as restrictions.

We help businesses with their countless ‘real’ life interactions as well as their online interactions. With our communication hub, we will communicate with the public, customers, and potential customers on your behalf. We will use the entire range of modern communication tools, phone, email, WhatsApp, as well as the inbound tools on your website and brand community. The goal is to help you focus on your business.


The Communication Hub creates High Customer Reach and added Value