B2B: Rethinking The Way Sales And Marketing Interact

Tobbias Schloemer
Oct 13, 2021 9:00:00 AM
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In B2B marketing the sales and marketing departments often have strong communication problems. Sales believes that marketing only does flyers and places advertisements. On the other hand, marketing tends to view sales as an extension of its own activities. This leads to miscommunication and, in the worse cases, costly wastage.

To ensure cooperation between marketing and sales, a little tact is certainly required. For example, both areas need a clear distribution of tasks and clearly defined areas of responsibility. However, effective marketing and sales functions must also be able to interact to bridge the gap between the two business areas. This is the only way to break down complex silos in your company and maximize your commercial success.


B2B: Sales and marketing in tandem

To achieve this, it is important to actively promote collaboration between sales and marketing at all levels and in all corporate functions. However, cross-departmental internal alignment is only possible if it is cultivated from start to finish and clear business processes are in place for implementation. Sales and marketing leaders need to communicate regularly and directly between teams, establish common goals, and put in place truly integrated processes to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction.

What's problematic right now, however, is that remote work and home offices are becoming more and more the norm. Where teams used to talk on the office corridors, or everyone putting their heads together in a joint meeting, meetings are now taking place in virtual spaces. The absence of these classic workshops and informal meetings often leads to a faulty and sometimes non-existent exchange of information.

With the ever-increasing pressure to increase sales, efficient communication is therefore of particular importance. Employers face the challenge of efficiently integrating marketing and sales functions to ensure seamless collaboration between the two teams. After all, this is the only way to achieve commercial success.

Make optimizing the interaction between the marketing and sales teams a priority. In doing so, you create a resilient strategic partnership between your two teams. Because this level of collaboration will make your B2B marketing profitable and drive business growth for your company. 


Technology as the key to success for your B2B marketing

Develop new ways and structures of working with your marketing and sales team leaders. Explain to them emphatically that they need to use alternative ways that effectively communicate information between teams. After all, when marketing and sales leaders communicate directly and regularly between teams, integral processes can be continuously optimized and common goals can be established. Keep in mind that although both teams are structured differently and are completely separate, they still share the same goal - to drive business growth.

Unify the information and bring it together so that each employee has access to the same data. This way, you ensure that your marketing and sales are aligned. Accordingly, you avoid your prospects and customers receiving inconsistent messages and prevent conflicts between the two teams. As a result, your sales success will be positively impacted.

Implement a collaborative platform that provides all current content in a centralized manner. This way, all information is in one place and you ensure that all employees involved are connected across departments, allowing them to communicate efficiently. Because with such software, the sales team can use the current content to make the right customer approach at any time.

In this way, marketing and sales are always up to date. What's more, the most relevant and engaging content is always delivered at every stage of the customer journey. Thus, your salespeople increase sales effectiveness through analytics and data. As a result, marketing and sales can make more targeted decisions. This increases the efficiency of your teams and leads to positive business results.

Uniting your sales and marketing teams takes finesse and a lot of work. Create synergy - the experts at Thought Leader Systems are here to help.

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