Inbound Marketing Software

What is Inbound Marketing Software?

Only inbound marketing software makes inbound marketing really efficient. Inbound marketing software from providers such as Act-On, Hubspot, Marketo, or Eloqua is available to you as a web browser-based software suite for a monthly fee as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Inbound marketing software is a software platform that integrates your online presence (e.g. website, blog) and all communication channels (e.g. social media, email, telephone) into freely definable marketing workflows and connects them to your company's CRM system.

By automating the marketing of your inbound marketing software, you can plan, control, analyze, and optimize marketing campaigns directly from a dashboard in real-time. With the help of integrated analysis methods such as A/B testing of landing pages, emails, or CTAs, you can continuously optimize the customer experience on your website and at the same time optimize the performance of these instruments for attracting potential customers. Lead scoring, lead nurturing and the transfer of prospective customers to the sales department can also be easily and uncomplicatedly implemented using such a system.
In the high-end sector for corporations, server-based and customer-specific installations of inbound marketing software are of course also possible. IT projects for marketing automation in corporations can quickly become very extensive and complex. In large companies, too, you should start small and use SaaS solutions that can be used quickly to collect learning for the next steps - with relatively low costs and little dependency.

What does this mean for your company?

There is not one, optimal inbound marketing software for all businesses. The functionality of different inbound marketing software solutions is comparable. Nevertheless, every company needs exactly the right solution for the respective challenge of winning and retaining customers. If you are thinking about purchasing inbound marketing software, first think about which main challenge or opportunity you want to tackle:

  • Does your company have enough visitors to its website (traffic generation)?
  • Do you generate the right leads from the website visitors in sufficient quantity (lead generation)?
  • Can you effectively further develop these leads on the path of your personal purchase decision (lead-nurturing)?
  • Do you transform these leads effectively and profitably into paying customers (lead conversion)?
  • Are your customer relationships profitable and can you continuously increase the value of your customer relationships (customer lifetime value)?

The selection of your inbound marketing software should be tailored to the individual requirements of your company. This enables you to achieve better - and above all measurable - results in marketing and sales with the same level of effort.

Advantages of an Inbound Marketing Software

Less effort

Inbound marketing software puts an end to the different online tools for email marketing, social media marketing, blog, landing pages, online market research, etc. From a dashboard, you can do your entire marketing job and be as fast and efficient as never before. This inspires small marketing teams as well as large marketing organizations.

More Power

The integration allows each component to be fully exploited by your Marketing Team. Inbound Marketing software takes email to a new level. SEO tools give you more than just keywords. Inbound Marketing Software gives you the opportunity to use your dashboards more effectively and report more constantly. Social media is the main part of it.

What does inbound marketing software do?

Inbound All-in-One Software

The introduction of marketing software is only the beginning of a transformation of the team into an agile and sustainable marketing organization and a whole ecosystem of software. Just think of tools for social media, email marketing, SEO, and more. Therefore,
if possible, check your entire software landscape when introducing inbound marketing and optimize your marketing software components in the company.

Inbound marketing software with which you can design and optimize all campaigns in real-time. You can centrally control, monitor, evaluate, and continuously optimize or adapt most of your online marketing activities. This enables you to achieve several marketing goals at once - effectively, quickly, and measurably. Inbound marketing software has become an all-in-one software through "suite solutions" such as Hubspot, Marketo,
Act-On etc. and now offers solutions in all areas of so-called online marketing. From content marketing to social media marketing to search engine optimization, inbound marketing software covers everything and creates an environment, a dashboard, with which you can access and react to all interactions with a customer. The software also offers conversion-oriented approaches to generate leads via so-called landing pages which are provided with a smart form. So an exchange, you offer a product
(Whitepaper, Webinar, etc.) and receive in return customer data.



Marketing Automation Plattform

Marketo offers individual packages, which can be booked according to individual needs. In addition to lead management, you can select packages for email, consumer, customer base, and mobile marketing to help your company achieve greater marketing transparency.


Marketing Cloud

With Oracle Eloqua, marketers can quickly plan and execute their campaigns to provide their potential customers with a unique customer experience across all channels. Scale your campaigns across multiple channels, including email, display advertising, search engines, social media, video, and mobile devices.


All-in-one Software

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies generate interest, generate leads, and retain customers. HubSpot combines all the tools needed for inbound marketing. In addition, HubSpot offers award-winning support to help companies get their first inbound marketing strategy right.


Marketing Automation Plattform

Act-On is a SaaS, i.e. cloud-based marketing automation solution. The platform was specifically designed to allow small and medium-sized marketing teams to leverage the value of marketing automation without the complexity of large corporate systems.