Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation, like globalization ten years ago, is the driving factor behind the changes that many modern businesses are undergoing. Whether a medium-sized company or a DAX-listed company, Digital Transformation affects every company and our society as a whole.

There is no industry that does not benefit from the innovations and optimizations that digital transformation brings. However, the implementation and realization of the multitude of innovations presents many companies with a great challenge that can hardly be mastered alone. Exploding IT costs, incorrect implementation or a lack of know-how can quickly turn digital transformation into a Sisyphos task that drives companies to despair.

We are there for you and accompany you from the start to the finish line, so that your company can also take off in the digital age.

It‘s no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow.



What does digital transformation mean for my company?

"The sooner the better" - this old folk truth gains even more importance in terms of digital transformation. The impressive figures on the right were compiled in a study conducted by MIT in collaboration with Capgemini with a view to companies with early digital implementation.

As you can see, the earlier you take care of digitizing your own services and products, the greater the results. We at Thought Leader Systems can help you with the demanding logistics and general management of a digital transformation. With our help, you can take the step into the digital age without having to take your eyes off the current business, because your success is our mission.

Your path to digital transformation

In order to implement the digital transformation optimally, you must pay particular attention to the following five points:
1. Digitalization is a matter for the boss: without the support of management, the technological upheaval cannot take place. Because digitization potentially affects every corner of the company and leads to fundamental changes in strategy development.path-to-digital-transformation-2
2. Focus on customer-centricity and customer experience: digital transformation offers your company the best opportunity to become a fully customer-centric organization. It enables you to align all relevant components with the customer. The approach should always benefit your customers first and foremost, less your products.

3. The "roadmap" to digital transformation: Develop a plan in advance at which points you want to digitize your company and how and where it will help you and your customers.

4. Put it through its paces: Once you have completed the first implementation phase, test the new functionalities thoroughly before going "live". There is hardly anything that annoys customers faster than non-functioning processes - whether analog or digital.

5. External and internal specialists: In order to put the above-mentioned points into practice, it is advisable to put together a team to make your work easier on the way to a digitalized company. For this purpose, choose employees from your own company who may already have special knowledge or who will later work with the new technologies on a daily basis. Make sure you also bring in external expert knowledge. Digital specialists know best what you need to do to get started quickly and effectively in the digital future. We at Thought Leader Systems are happy to advise you.