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Discover new competencies and activate fresh potentials to gain market success and Thought Leadership. Learn and train the tools of the trade, the management principles, as well as the necessary leadership qualities – being a Thought Leader means being a pioneer and leading the market.



For Marketing, Sales & Business Development

We want you to inspire your customers for your business, turn them into fans and grow with them in the long term. To this end, we train modern marketing & sales and the development of new business areas.

For PR and Employee Communication

Create a unique position for your topic and your company in people's minds. Rely on authentic messages and modern instruments for communication with employees and the public.

For Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Teams

Leadership is the ability to connect people with great ideas and to inspire them for a common project. It is a skill that anyone can master easily with just a few quick aspects. With team development and coaching.

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Thought Leadership Academy

The three-stage all-round training for all industries

  • The starter seminar (Thought Leadership Practitioner) with the basics for quick implementation in the job. 
  • The advanced seminar (Thought Leadership Specialist) for independent planning and implementation of entire projects and campaigns. 
  • The professional seminar (Thought Leadership Pro) for complete and cross-industry thought leadership expertise at world-class level. 

Industry-specific training

Practical seminars for industries with special tasks

  • For Management Consulting and Professional Services Companies - Achieve your unique position in the market by help of customer-specific marketing and thought leadership. 
  • For B2B Marketing and High-Tech Companies - Gain success with innovations and inbound marketing.
  • For Financial Services Players - Get new customers and shape reliable customer relations in the digital era. 

In-house training at your site

We train you and your team. With tailor-made solutions and special know-how according to your wishes. For the upcoming tasks of exactly your company and market environment.

  • Marketing Team Training: We help experienced marketing teams to use all possibilities of modern online marketing, social media marketing and content management.
  • Sales Team Training: Sales professionals can achieve even more with the optimal infrastructure, lead generation methodology and effective marketing support.
  • Communications Team Training: We train professionals in public relations, corporate communications or employee communications in effective storytelling, agenda setting and thought leadership strategy.

Team Training and Coaching

  • Leadership Team Training: If you want to anchor thought leadership in your company, you should pick up the people internally "where they are". Together, you will discover how thought leadership can be used in your company and what you can achieve to strengthen your company and brand.
  • Classical team development: We support you in building and realigning your team. So that everyone moves forward together - in the market and in the company.
  • Leadership Coaching: Our experienced business coaches support experienced managers and entrepreneurs. In thought leadership, business strategy and personal leadership. At eye level and with the most modern knowledge of systemic and energetic coaching. At your site or off-site.