Omni-Channel Sales

What is Omni-Channel Sales?

Mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets can be found in every household today. This has a serious impact on marketing, as the purchasing decision process is no longer limited to the home or even the store itself, but can begin and end anywhere.

Omni-Channel Sales describes the marketing approach of winning over a crowd of potential customers by no longer addressing them only in their own homes or on the radio. This pursues the goal of reminding the customers always and everywhere of the qualities of their own mark until these get it finally no more from the head and simply buy must.

As much as you can do right in multi-channel distribution, as much you can do wrong, because not every channel is suitable for every buyer persona or for every product. In order to avoid the danger of possibly deterring customers by wrong channels or making unnecessary expenses, we are happy to support them with our know-how so that even the last desired customer will never forget you.

Advantages of Omni-Channel Sales

By adopting several channels to the customer, it is not only easier to convince the customer of your own brand, but you also collect a lot of important additional information regarding customer behavior.

This additional information makes it easier to optimize the customer experience and ultimately increase conversion and revenue. Renault has seen a 20% increase in subscriptions to its customer portal following the introduction of an omnichannel approach. A well-done omni-channel strategy increases customer awareness and interest in the brand, customer satisfaction, and therefore conversion and sales opportunities.

Omni-Channel Sales in retail banking

Banks are in bills of exchange. In today's society, traditional customers are being replaced by their mature and well-informed offspring. This new generation of customers is primarily looking for good service and high product quality. Competition from smaller providers continues to grow and is reaching for the existing customer base of established players with a high degree of personalization and convenience.

Customer retention is becoming an ever-greater challenge as costs continue to rise. In order to prove itself as a retail bank in today's business environment, you need clear ideas and approaches for their implementation as well as a clear will to move with the times. We at Thought Leader Systems are ready to jump into the breach for you and to lay the foundation for a successful, new self-image with you.

We will help you to effectively implement your own omni-channel sales! We analyze for you which channels you should use with which priority and which you should avoid with regard to your buyer personas. It is important to adapt the marketing strategies from channel to channel accordingly and if in doubt, to completely redesign them in order to be able to meet the unique challenges posed by the individual channels with the right answers. With our help, you analyze the possible channels and make the right decisions.

Which channels can you use?

However, more channels does not immediately mean more turnover. However, often wrong decisions in channel usage do not only not lead to an increase in turnover, but also generate enormous costs for your company. In order to avoid such mistakes with sometimes enormous consequences and to fully exploit the potential of your company, our experts are at your side and will not only help you to select the right channels. We also determine the intensity and type of use for you, up to entire campaigns that put you in the limelight.