Adobe Journey Opimizer – Elevating customer experience through AI

Tobbias Schloemer
May 17, 2021 12:51:50 PM
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The Adobe Journey Optimizer enables companies to optimize and personalize customer experiences across the entire customer journey. No matter if it's real-time personalized interactions or weekly promotional emails.

Imagine Corona is over and you're booking your next vacation online. You receive your confirmation details and all relevant offers for your trip by email. So far, nothing new at first. But now you plan your entire stay via an app: At the check-in, they already know that the reason for your trip is a vacation. You've reserved your room in a quiet corner of the hotel. And because you are a good customer, you are surprised with a free massage as a welcome gift. A smooth experience awaits you.

Now, Adobe Journey Optimizer makes that possible. The tool enables customers to experience a consistently automated and exceptional customer journey, with which you can plan and orchestrate a wide variety of campaigns through complete, intelligent customer journey management.

For consumers, it has become a kind of basic attitude that companies understand them and meet their personal needs and requirements at all times. Customers expect companies to make their lives easier. This includes, for example, a simple pick-up option at the nearest store of choice when products are ordered online. Or an SMS or email when the latest console is back in stock.

Adobe Journey Optimizer identifies customer needs

That's why it's essential for businesses today to know and understand their customers' needs, and to interact consistently across every channel. Adobe Journey Optimizer now makes that possible:

  • bring together isolated data, merge it into a unified customer view and continuously update it in real time.
  • store and edit the information and access it to plan future campaigns.
  • create and deliver cross-channel one-to-one customer experiences that are connected.
  • report on customer journeys and learn what each customer wants.

The Adobe Journey Optimizer is part of the Adobe Experience Platform and leverages its data management capabilities. The tool combines a variety of information into a single, centralized customer profile that is constantly updated. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning make it possible to automate the decision-making process about which communications to send, when, and on which channels.

To do this, a central engine analyzes customer data and applies extensive rules and ranking functions such as suitability and frequency. This allows you to create the right offer for each customer at the right time.

To do this, behavioral, transactional, and operational data is linked across multiple touchpoints. With these unified profiles, you have a complete 360-degree real-time view of each customer and can derive real-time insights to plan the next interaction.

One thing is certain: Customer expectations are getting higher when it comes to interacting with your business. With the Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can meet and exceed them at every point in the customer journey.

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