Financial Service Providers

Digital Transformation for Marketing and Sales of Financial Service Providers 

The financial service market has never been as exciting for customers as it is today. As a customer, you are no longer limited to ask for a loan at your house bank. You are free to choose between online banks, crowdfunding platforms, fintech start-ups, and retail banking offers. That is a huge challenge for customer acquisition and customer loyalty alike in the financial industry.

How can a financial service provider achieve customer loyalty and customer lifetime value above average?

Customer loyalty does not simply result from right contract conditions, high reliability, and personal service. Though these are important factors, they soon become standards which customer expects as a standard component of the offer.

Trust is the factor that creates customer loyalty in the financial service industry. Trust is the fundament on which a successful relationship with customers is based. A thought leadership strategy can help you to gain trust. You deliver valuable content to prospects and clients. And you establish brand communities of loyal customers who spread your message and become influencers. It does not matter whether you are a long-standing affiliated bank or a brand new fintech start-up. Thought Leadership can always help you to improve your business.

Thought leadership strategies focus on the individual needs of your private and business customers. The crucial questions to ask for a successful strategy are:

  • Which deeply rooted and motivating human need is left unfulfilled in the market and can be solved by your brand?
  • Which brand in the market represents financial freedom or carefreeness? Who represents financial success for customers? Find your own proposition and position.

To become a thought leader in the financial service sector, you have to focus your service offers, distribution, and consulting on these questions. Only by addressing them can you become the pioneer and thought leader in your field.

Thought Leadership Strategy - the Growth Hack for Financial Services Marketing

Thought Leadership Strategy is based on the immediate needs of a private or business client in banking. The most important question in any Thought Leadership Strategy is:

Which original and motivating human need is unresolved in the market segment and can be credibly met by your own brand?

A Thought Leader in the financial services industry focuses its offerings, distribution channels, and consulting approaches on these issues and builds an undisputed leadership position in the market.
For example, who in the market clearly stands for financial freedom or freedom from worries? Who stands for increasing financial success? Thus, a financial services provider becomes the "leader of trust" for customers and multiplicators.