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What does our inbound marketing agency do for you?

Strategy Planning

In order to successfully establish inbound marketing, the available instruments must be strategically harmonized. We supervise the introduction of your inbound marketing as a project and take over all necessary planning and coordination activities for you.

Consulting & Training

As an inbound marketing agency, we bring your team up to speed in terms of expertise and ideas. We are there to advise you and train your employees in a wide range of topics so that inbound marketing can also lead to more success for you.

Technical implementation

Combining existing data pools, connection to already used applications, implementation on the current website - we can help you with obstacles of this kind. We advise you on the selection of your optimal inbound marketing software.

Health Check Optimization

Inbound marketing thrives on the real-time optimization of ongoing measures. Our Inbound Health Check gives you an overview of the performance and optimisation possibilities of your campaigns, tools and processes.

Full service agency (retainer base)

The inbound marketing agency that offers everything from a single source: Campaign ideas, A/B testing, content development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, buyer persona management. Perfectly networked and effective.

We are the inbound marketing agency for thought leaders

You expect an account team from your inbound marketing agency that works for you with a high level of commitment. You expect reliability, creativity and cost efficiency. We offer you more than that. In regular strategy reviews, we check the course of your inbound strategy and track your positioning in the market as a thought leader for your customers.


Why does an inbound marketing agency also offer software?

Only with inbound marketing software can you benefit from all the advantages and synergies of modern marketing. Such marketing automation software replaces many existing software tools in the company. In this way you reduce costs and complexity - and at the same time open up a completely new level of efficiency and clout. Inbound software is the platform that integrates all these marketing and sales tools - all in one software suite. Inbound marketing software is your all-in-one solution and becomes the hub of your marketing:

  • Blogging-Tool, Website-CMS, Content-Management-Plattform,
  • Kontakt-Datenbank, CRM, Workflow-Management,
  • Aufruf zur Aktion, Landing Pages, E-Mails, Social Posts,
  • Lead Tracking, Analytics und Marketing-Reporting-Tool,
  • SEO-Tool, Social Media Dashboard.

The selection and use of this software requires a lot of experience. We are partners of the leading providers of inbound marketing software. We offer you a wide range of software products such as Hubspot, Act-On, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Hatchbuck. With this competence we are unique in the German-speaking area.

10 factors in the selection of your inbound marketing agency

The cooperation between a company and its inbound marketing agency is a matter of trust. It requires professionalism and experience on both sides. Such cooperation is more demanding than working with a traditional advertising agency, for example. They work together on all marketing instruments at the same time. They jointly optimize marketing measures in real-time. They exchange intensively and learn from each other. Working together with an inbound marketing agency is like a real partnership. That's what people often say, but in inbound marketing, it's the real thing.

The better you are versed in inbound marketing, the more effectively you can choose your agency partner. A good inbound marketing agency can also help you when you are just starting out in inbound marketing. It does not regard its knowledge as a sovereign right but as the basis of the common work.

What kind of relationship do you want with your agency?

One of the first questions you ask yourself when choosing an inbound marketing agency is what kind of relationship you would like to have with your agency. Do you want to do most of the content creation and inbound management yourself, i.e. in-house? Then your agency is external support and external help for your own activities. Or do you want the majority of inbound marketing work to be done by your agency on its premises? Or are you looking for a middle ground between these two approaches? If you want to delegate the inbound marketing job to your agency, your agency should be able to provide a sufficiently large content marketing team for this. If you are thinking of creating some or all of the content yourself, you should clarify in advance whether the agency agrees to this and whether the agency will even provide you with training. This is the only way to get better and better at creating content and your agency will be able to support you better and better.

Is the desired agency specialized?

When you get to know a new agency, make sure you check whether the agency is really an inbound marketing agency. Only a few agencies are real inbound marketing agencies that are geared to managing your complete online marketing mix. Many agencies that currently call themselves inbound marketing agencies are in fact SEO agencies or former PR agencies looking for new business. Most of these agencies do not even use inbound marketing software like Hubspot, Act-On, or Marketo for themselves. Some agencies that call themselves inbound marketing agencies are not certified partners of inbound marketing software vendors. Given the demanding task of inbound marketing and the necessary experience in lead generation and integrated online marketing, a pure and true inbound marketing agency with a clear focus on inbound is definitely the better choice.



Is the desired agency experienced in practice?

It doesn't really matter that your inbound marketing agency has already worked exactly for your industry. What is more important is that your agency has a good feel for customer behavior and a lot of experience in dealing with different buyer personas. Furthermore, it is important to have an agency partner who has perhaps not always worn agency glasses, but who also knows the company side from his own management experience. Inbound marketing intervenes in the existing marketing processes of your company. Therefore, your inbound marketing agency should also know from their own experience how to "take" an established marketing team into your company and strengthen its competence.

What is the claim of the inbound marketing agency?

Sometimes inbound marketing agencies present themselves as if they would simply take over your marketing jobs and run your marketing externally on a turnkey basis. So true to the motto "Live, we take care of the details". This is usually not the case. On the contrary, you set goals together, discuss campaigns, and constantly optimize your marketing mix. This changes the work of your marketing team. An inbound marketing agency with its own experience in companies takes this into account and carefully adapts to it in its work with your marketing team.



How does the inbound marketing agency want to work with you?

How does the inbound marketing agency want to work with you?
Working with an inbound marketing agency is very different from working with a traditional advertising agency or direct marketing agency. There is much more openness, creativity, and partnership. With fast work and constant contact, the agency team and marketing team grow closely together - although most of the time you are only connected by phone or video call. This is due to the short timings, fast processes, and open exchange. This is why the chemistry between people is so important. Don't let yourself be convinced that inbound marketing replaces people with marketing automation. Your marketing team will become even more important than before, but usually, it is only fully capable of acting with the right agency team.

No wonder that a good inbound marketing agency will, in case of doubt, even assign an agency employee to your team within your own ranks to provide permanent assistance directly on site, while the rest of the agency team works from a distance.

How is the inbound marketing agency's own marketing - does it practice what it preaches?

Not every so-called inbound marketing agency sets a good example and practices inbound marketing itself. When searching for an "inbound marketing agency" in Google, the first results page alone unfortunately shows about 50% of agencies that do not use inbound marketing software themselves. So ask exactly which Marketing Automation Software the respective agency uses and whether they are a certified agency partner of the respective software manufacturer. Inbound marketing does not work without software such as Hubspot, Adobe Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, or Salesforce Pardot. Those who want to convince you of the opposite and turn out to be an SEO agency, for example, unfortunately in most cases have no practical experience of inbound marketing themselves. If you check the website of an inbound marketing agency, pay attention to quality signals:

  • Does the agency operate a regularly and frequently updated blog?
  • Do you find the blog posts shown there helpful for your company?
  • Do the agency offer e-books and other content offers for download?

What offers does the inbound marketing agency have?

Also, pay attention to how the agency wants to do business with you. Should you buy an "inbound retainer" off the peg, i.e. a package at a fixed price in silver, gold, platinum logic? Or does the agency suggest an introductory workshop for strategy finding and location determination? Getting to know each other and the first steps should be free of charge. But avoid low-cost agencies with dumping prices. If you have the feeling that the agreed monthly price could hardly cover the costs, after all, either sloppy work will be done or new fields will simply be opened up overtime for which you will have to pay extra money.

The decisive factor is really not the price, but the quality of the service of an inbound marketing agency. Of course, you would not expect anything else from us as an agency, but we speak from experience and observation of the market. Let's put it this way: not only we but also friendly agencies have already received calls from frustrated agency customers who report that the quality of work of your agency partner is almost in the legally considered negligent range. Despite these individual failures, however, the term inbound marketing agency is a very good and first-class agency title. But there is a lack of fixed standards and a code of conduct in the market. If you are unsure about your partner's performance, simply get a second opinion from another agency. You can only benefit from this. The first seal of approval: Your potential agency should be an agency partner of at least one of the major inbound marketing software producers.



What values, philosophy, and corporate culture does the inbound marketing agency have?

Admittedly, the values and culture of an agency are very soft factors for which you cannot buy anything at first glance. And yet these factors determine whether you will get along with the team of your inbound marketing agency in the long term. After all, an inbound marketing agency thrives on retaining people with uniform values over the long term. How do you meet the employees and managers of your potential agency partner during the introductory phase? Are you reliable, prudent, creative, customer-oriented, and flexible? Those who are not in this phase will not be later either.

What inbound marketing software does the agency use?

You as a customer have a free choice today. There is inbound marketing software for a wide variety of purposes and requirements. Five years ago, this was still very different. At that time, there were only a few mature software packages and some of today's major manufacturers were still true start-ups. Software such as Hubspot, Act-On, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, or Salesforce Pardot is fully developed and has long since reached maturity. It is astonishing at what speed the manufacturers continue to develop their software. Hardly a quarter passes in which your software does not receive new features, processes, or revised tool views. If you want to find the right inbound marketing software for you - and the right inbound marketing agency for it - you should allow time for the search.

Pay attention to which inbound software your potential agency itself uses and which other software it sells or supports. Does the inbound marketing agency have an exclusive relationship with a manufacturer or does it offer a larger selection? If an inbound marketing agency supports more than one large software brand, this tends to indicate that the agency is highly committed, experienced, and customer-oriented. Those who know different software manufacturers learn to love the peculiarities and differences. Only with experienced inbound agencies will you gain insight into the different operating logics and marketing philosophies of the various software vendors. You won't find this information on any platform on the Internet or in any blog. An inbound marketing agency should first look at your situation and goals, then at the appropriate software. Not the other way around.

Let your potential inbound marketing agency give you a live demonstration of your preferred software. This way you will not only get to know the software, but also your potential partner. After all, your agency in particular should use the software to perform a large part of its marketing work.

How does the inbound marketing agency handle processes and reporting?

Inbound marketing is transparent. Every measure can be observed and evaluated live. The learning effect for you as a customer and also for your agency is extremely high. In the first year of your cooperation, you will gain a lot of insights about the customer behavior of your company and about the success parameters of your online marketing. You will celebrate many successes with your inbound marketing agency but also make many mistakes. The willingness to make mistakes on both sides is extremely important, especially at the beginning of the cooperation. You will quickly learn from each other, optimize current measures, and develop new ideas.

The most important tool for this is the extensive reporting functions of your inbound marketing software. But does your agency also use them? When you get to know an agency, pay attention to what they talk to you about. Does it present you with great content offers, blog posts, and other materials, or does it talk about the results of related campaigns? Does your sales language speak to you? Does she think in terms of the number of leads won, acquisition costs per new customer, and customer lifetime value? Does she have comparative figures to these values from other customer relationships?

The output of a content marketing agency is content. The output of a social media agency is a social media presence. For a good inbound marketing agency, this is all just input. The output of an inbound marketing agency is the increase in website traffic, more new leads, more new customers, and higher cross-selling of your regular customers. If you don't think so, you should not call yourself an inbound marketing agency.

But be careful: Good results in inbound marketing take time. Building your presence on the web, in social media, and on Google takes time and energy. Together with your agency partner, develop clear but realistic expectations for your joint work and visible success.