Active Sourcing

What is Active Sourcing?

In a time of increasing competition from established large corporations and revolutionary start-ups, the task of attracting highly qualified applicants to one's own company becomes a real challenge. In some industries and regions, demographic change is leading to an increasing shortage of skilled workers.

It is easy to see how dramatic the effects and the forecast for the coming years in Germany are. But what can we do to ensure continued success and growth? Active Sourcing offers a new way to inspire potential applicants and to retain existing employees in the long term.

We at Thought Leader Systems help you to become not only relevant, but desirable for potential candidates and to fill vacancies faster and better in the future.


Active candidate approach as problem solver

Active sourcing refers to the active approach of potential applicants. In the age of social media, this is done via platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Specialised platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing are particularly popular and offer a much more suitable framework for making contact in everyday professional life.

In addition to the operator's focus on professional exchange, you can view important information about the candidate's professional history. What training does this person have? Has he or she already worked in a relevant area? How does she describe her expertise? What is she looking for?

All these tips will enable you to get a precise picture of the potential applicant's skills and experience. The pre-selection is now in your hands and lets you check the person job fit precisely.

You can’t teach employees to smile. They have to smile before you hire them.


Conducting the dialogue successfully

Since active sourcing is nothing new in the recruiting of high-ranking managers and in the form of trade fair appearances and events is gladly realized, but not fully thought through, a helping hand and additional advice is very valuable. How do you address a candidate exactly? What needs to be considered? How do I find the right balance between standardisation and individualisation? Should I even initiate my own marketing measures to address a certain group of people? In order to answer all these questions, an intensive analysis of the target group and a precise plan are required.


Introducing Active Sourcing

Would you like to optimize more than just the cover letter? We will be happy to assist you with the analysis of your company's image and the creation of a suitable candidate approach. In addition to screening your previous activities in this area, a strategy is developed to actively approach your competitors and integrate best practices - always with the aim of increasing the number and quality of candidates and enriching them with the right offer at the right time.