Healthcare and Pharma- Marketing

Market success for life science, healthcare market, and pharmaceutical companies in the digital era

As a strategic consultant and healthcare marketing agency, we support companies from the global healthcare market in

  • Creating a groundbreaking product and service offerings through innovation
  • Acquisition of prospective customers (lead management), customer acquisition and customer loyalty (CRM and customer loyalty)
  • Acquisition of and cooperation with their Key-Opinion-Leaders in the market (Thought-Leadership)
  • Increasing your marketing and sales competence in the digital age
  • Development of new business areas and addressing new customer groups.

In the highly dynamic healthcare market, therapies, providers, and products have long-term success if they earn people's trust. This trust grows out of contact from person to person. The recommendation of opinion leaders (thought-leaders or key-opinion-leaders) and persons to whom a high level of competence and credibility is ascribed is particularly important here.

For successful prevention and treatment in the health system, it is important that providers and institutions link to a holistic health picture, as described by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1948.

Health is a "state of perfect physical, mental and social well-being and not the mere absence of disease or infirmity". WHO definition (1948)

Healthcare Marketing & Pharma Marketing in the Digital Era

Professional pharmaceutical marketing and healthcare marketing can achieve a lot in the digital era.

  • It enables the establishment of strong and trusting relationships between health care providers, interested parties in health care services and the market's key opinion leaders.
  • In this way, you create many new contacts and leads for your sales in the health care sector and gain more customers from already known contacts and leads.
  • You design information, content and consulting services that position you as the leading authority (thought leader) in the healthcare market.
  • You create targeted recommendations and use people's relationship networks by anchoring yourself as a self-evident and sought-after partner in your communication.
  • They gain targeted contacts, collect important customer insights and conduct useful customer dialogues - in the social media, in business networks and expert forums, at events and trade fairs as well as in expert circles.
  • You achieve leadership in trends and important changes in the market.
  • Sie bilden Kunden und andere Marktteilnehmer weiter (Customer-Education) bei der Wahrnehmung ihrer eigenen, individuellen Verantwortung für Ihre persönliche Gesundheit weiter.
  • They lower barriers to the market introduction for market innovations and products and processes that require explanation.
  • They create trust and visible thought leadership in the market - also among institutions, associations, and influencers.

We work with successful players in the healthcare market from the fields of medical technology, pharmaceuticals and health specialists from classical medicine, alternative, and complementary medicine as well as information and energy medicine. They all start from this overall health picture. They occupy a motivating, basic human need and develop holistic product and communication solutions. You manage to actively involve people in the preservation and restoration of your own health. As your partner, we support you in this high standard.


Growth with new and existing customers in the healthcare and pharma industry

We support companies from the fields of medical technology and medical devices, pharma and life science, clinics, and health insurance companies in their market success with existing customers and in winning new customers. We understand the interaction of the various market participants and the challenges of marketing and sales in the healthcare sector. In the digital age, multi-channel marketing and sales are becoming increasingly important in reaching out to customers where they need information about their problems and needs. Physicians in private practice with their specific purchasing behavior are to be addressed differently than B2B companies in the healthcare sector, such as clinics. That is why we develop individual market strategies, marketing concepts, and sales strategies for every market participant in the healthcare market. For this we use the successful concepts of marketing and sales in the digital era:

  • Lead generation and lead nurturing for more sales opportunities
  • Multi-channel sales (multi-channel sales) and B2B e-commerce for new sales channels and customer contactsKey Opinion Leader Management and Social Network Analysis,
  • Marketing Data Science to support decision making in marketing, sales, and management
  • Customer Intelligence and Customer Insight Management to uncover behavior patterns of target customers or buyer personas with regard to product requirements, product usage, communication behavior, topic interests, and pain points
  • Inbound-Marketing, Account-Based Marketing, and Marketing-Automation.

Win and inspire your Key Opinion Leaders

The classic thought leaders in the healthcare market are the key opinion leaders. They have a high level of personal seniority and authority, extensive experience in their special segment, and a broad public impact with a strong presence in publications, at congresses, in clinical studies, and in professional circles (peer-to-peer interactions). We support your Key-Opinion-Leader Management or KOL-Management holistically with a complete service program for more market success and for the holistic health of people.

Key Opinion Leader Strategy (KOL-Strategy)

We develop your strategy for addressing, nurturing, and supporting the right and important opinion leaders and thought leaders in your sub-sector of the healthcare market. We closely link your Key-Opinion-Leader strategy with your goals for sales growth and thought leadership. And we consider the connections between the potential Key Opinion Leaders and your target customers (Buyer Personas). We develop concepts that create a win-win in the market and work for the benefit and well-being of all. With quickly effective and visible effects for your growth in the market.

Key Opinion Leader Mapping (KOL Mapping)

We support you in maintaining the Key-Opinion-Leader portfolio and in uncovering the "white spots" on the map of the KOL-Network in your industry. We compare your current Key-Opinion-Leader knowledge with your future strategy in the healthcare market. To do this, we prioritize, segment and validate the key opinion leaders known to you. We then develop your KOL mapping to identify new key opinion leader profiles. We identify for you those Digital Opinion Leaders who might be interested in your concepts for the healthcare market. We use innovative tools and methods to generate insights:

  • Predictive Analytics, Marketing Data Science with various data sources such as Customer Data, Transaction Data, Behavioral Data, Website Traffic & Visitors, Google Search Results, Google Analytics, SEO Analyses
  • Data mining of your existing customer data from various data sources such as CRM system, contact database, lead database, marketing automation (inbound marketing software), email newsletter, event databases, and expert groups
  • Surveys, observations and lifecycle analyses of your target customers (buyer persona) as well as observation of the behavior of your key opinion leaders and digital opinion leaders in social media and networks.

Key Opinion Leader Advocacy (KOL Advocacy)

How do you win Key-Opinion-Leaders for your goals to improve people's health care? How do you make it clear that the common interest in holistic health takes precedence over the achievement of economic goals in the values order? How do you ensure a balanced basis of growth targets and health goals that convinces your key opinion leaders? We show ways and measures to get your thought leaders enthusiastic about the big thing. We will help you build a community that will work with you to actively engage in the common cause and help your innovations to gain a foothold in the market.

Key Opinion Leader Development (KOL Development)

Who are the Key Opinion Leaders in your own company? How do you strengthen these internal thought leaders in their commitment to delivering innovative concepts and messages to the market? How do you identify and promote the key opinion leaders in your own ranks? We strengthen your brand experts in their authority and presence in the market as the face of your brand (brand face) - with consulting for topic identification and concepts, with content marketing and social media marketing as well as with training (e.g. media training, speaker training). Use your brand personalities and brand faces to create viral effects for customer acquisition and opinion leadership - in the online and offline world alike.

Key Opinion Leader Monitoring (KOL Monitoring)

We keep the database of your Key Opinion Leaders up to date and meaningful. We systematically record the activities, comments, topics, and pain points of your thought leaders in the market and in the social media (digital opinion leaders). We use this information to identify all important signals for worthwhile contacts, contact options, and topic areas and forward them directly to you on a regular basis. Using data mining tracking, social media monitoring, press clipping, peer-to-peer analyses in networks, and social selling techniques, we investigate the interrelationships in your communications network and in the market. In this way, you continuously gain more transparency and market intelligence - with your customers and with the key opinion leaders.

Key Opinion Leader Relationships (KOL Relationships)

We support you in developing fruitful and long-term relationships with any key-opinion leader and digital-opinion leader that is important and relevant to your strategy. We think of the established KOL authorities in your market as well as aspiring and new candidates (Rising Starts) who can gain more presence for their innovative health concepts with your support. You should know the Digital Opinion Leaders (DOL) of tomorrow, today and build trusting relationships with them. We also focus on peer-to-peer communication among the KOL and DOL and create innovative platforms for you that strengthen the exchange of these thought leaders among each other - from your own expert community platform and theme events to the microsite on the Internet for contact generation and content marketing to your key opinion leaders today and tomorrow.