The Company

Who we are

Thought Leader Systems GmbH is an owner-managed consulting and service company based in Rhine-Main with a worldwide network of partners. We are operating not only with medium-sized businesses but also with internationally operating corporations. We are experienced managers and not agency people, and that is because we have worked over several decades in leading positions in many industries.

We speak from our own experience when the consulting partner is away again after the consulting project and you stand alone with the implementation phase. That's why we call Thought Leader Systems as a hybrid company. Our business model is to offer strategy and consulting, agency services and training all coming from a single source.

For our customers we use a unique combination of different competences. This includes disciplines such as management strategy, innovation, psychology, IT, marketing, sales, content management as well as public relations and strategic communication.

For us is not about a question between online versus offline or digital versus print. We live in a time in which customers communicate via all media and channels. That's why our digital specialists work hand in hand with advertising psychologists and classical communication experts.

We are a...

  • interdisciplinary team with extensive experience in marketing/sales, IT and strategy
  • service partner of world market leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Marketo, Oracle, Adobe, SAP and Hubspot
  • an owner-managed company with headquarters in Rhein-Main and a worldwide partner's network

We stand for...

  • competent advice, fast implementation and individual training
  • measurable successes for more turnover and profitability - the return on investment of your company always firmly in mind
  • scalable and individual solutions for different company sizes, industries and market situations

Why us?

We help companies and institutions around the world achieve a unique position that attracts customers. This enables them to grow in saturated markets, shape new markets, and build strong customer relationships. Business leaders and managers turn to us when they:

  • do not want to constantly fight for their position in the market, but rather strive for permanent differentiation and a unique position as a pioneer in the market.
  • are fed up with stagnating markets and are now looking for sustainable growth.
  • look for a partner who cannot only deliver growth strategies but who can also play an active role in their implementation phase.
  • fear that their organization, their marketing, their sales are not prepared for the digital transformation.
  • want to tap the full potential of their brand, employees, and assets.
  • shoot sustainable growth and at the same time make a contribution to the benefit and well-being of all.

We think in "MISSION & METRICS". MISSION is for us to establish you as a thought leader in the market who makes a contribution to a better planet. METRICS is our claim for your growth and business success. The success of our strategies and measures can, therefore, be measured. We are not satisfied until both goals have been achieved.

The Management Team


Britta Schloemer

Co-CEO of Thought Leader Systems

Britta Schloemer has more than 20 years of professional experience in offline and online marketing across industries. She started her professional career at large advertising agencies such as Jung von Matt where she was responsible for the support of large brands such as Nokia, Commerzbank, Braas, and Fujitsu Siemens. After successful years on the agency side, she moved to the "client side" of Deutsche Bank. There she held various management positions in marketing within the asset management and private and corporate customer business for over ten years. During this time she gained broad and deep knowledge in sales management, strategic marketing, and customer relationship management. She is also the author of the Amazon bestseller "Inbound! Das Handbuch für modernes Marketing" and promotes the training of young marketing professionals in training courses of nationwide IHK initiatives.


Dr. Tobbias Schloemer

Co-CEO of Thought Leader Systems

After completing his studies in economics and sinology at the Ruhr University in Bochum, Tobbias Schloemer started his professional career at Henkel KGaA in Düsseldorf as an assistant to the management. Subsequently he held various positions in marketing and sales at Henkel in Düsseldorf and Paris. He introduced the e-commerce business, was the first global key account manager in worldwide sales, and built up the category management for retail customers. As TUI's marketing director for Central Europe, Tobbias Schloemer was responsible for the online and offline business and built up the CRM and buyer persona management. Thereafter, he held several management positions at Deutsche Bank, where he spent almost 15 years as Director Global Marketing & Communications, building up brand management, customer loyalty management, marketing automation and online marketing in Europe and Asia. Tobbias Schloemer is the co-author of the Amazon bestseller "Inbound! Das Handbuch für modernes Marketing", and in his function as a coach and trainer he supports people to develop their skills and full potential

Our Mission

Grow your Business.
Change the World.

We want a world in which personalities and companies can freely develop and reach their potential - for the benefit and welfare of all.

Creating Reality with Leading Thoughts.

Our logo shows a dodecahedron, a platonic body with twelve identical surfaces. The ancient mystery schools say that this form represents the "Divine Thought" or the highest form of consciousness and interpret it as an elementary building block of all life.

Mindful Business with Mindful People.

Mindfulness - Attentively grasping the essentials of the current moment

Authenticity - Living your personal potential openly

Autonomy - Pursuing one's own vision and mission

Sensibility - Acting for the benefit and well-being of all

Growth - Developing yourself and help others do the same

We empower Thought Leaders.

We want great ideas to prevail that make people's lives better, respect creation, and at the same time achieve sustainable business success.

We support people, brands, and companies with all the means at our disposal so that they can win the minds, hearts, and souls of people, fully develop their impact and be recognized and valued as Thought Leaders.

Our Mission

Sustainable growth for people and the economy - for the benefit and welfare of all

We want to contribute to a world in which growth and success are possible for all companies, institutions, communities, and personalities. More and more companies are working on holistic growth - growth for themselves and at the same time for the society in which they live. Turnover and profit are just as relevant as the well-being of society and the development of people's awareness of a better world. We don't mean that in a dreamy-romantic way. We are down-to-earth and have worked for decades in corporations and medium-sized companies.

Thought leadership enables new growth

The aim of our company is to support people and companies in such a way that they can align their products, communication, and business models to the highest possible relevance and resonance with their customers. We rely on a globally proven management method and corporate strategy that is virtually unknown in Germany: Thought Leadership. A thought leadership definition is difficult to find in German. Opinion leadership, thought leader marketing, spokespeople - all these are terms that cover partial aspects of this management philosophy. This holistic management concept can perhaps best be understood in terms of its impact. Thought leadership creates systems, business models, and campaigns that trigger a pull to the company and its services. The messages, brands, and offers of our customers should and do conquer people's minds, hearts, and souls.

There is a better way to grow

We are convinced that there is a better way for growth and sustainable market success. For this reason, we have founded Thought Leader Systems GmbH - a strategic management and communications consultancy of the new era. We have the know-how and personal experience in various marketing and management disciplines. In our thought leadership methodology, we merge established consulting and communication approaches with new insights from strategy development and systemic work. And we provide long-term support in the implementation and management of thought leadership for our clients. In this way, we contribute to the entrepreneurial success of our clients, to the creation of value for stakeholders and shareholders, and to a contribution to the good and benefit of society overall.

Any questions?



Our Vision

Social responsibility

The topic of corporate social responsibility is very close to our hearts, and we believe that we, as entrepreneurs, also have the responsibility to take care of the common good and social issues.

Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to do good, and offer companies that are sustainably committed to social causes, and are active in one of the fields covered by our vision chart, the opportunity to apply through By doing so you will have the opportunity to realize your digital projects at reduced rates or pro bono through TLS.

We would like to support your company with your important and valuable work in order to create social commitment together with you.

For example, we have already supported OptiMind and Clever & Fit from the field of children - youth psychology and coaching in the realization and implementation of focused marketing initiatives.

It is always a pleasure for us to do good to companies on their way, to help them with our services.

How to find us

Thought Leader Systems Management GmbH

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60325 Frankfurt am Main / Germany

Phone:+49 6190 9747 300