Oracle CX Sales – The Oracle CRM

Oracle's CRM system gives you AI-powered sales tools to make your sales organization faster and more successful.

Thought Leader Systems is a long-standing Oracle partner and offers you everything from a single source in the area of Customer Relationship Management: whether it is consulting, the design and implementation of complex CRM projects, system integration, business support, the optimization of systems, or the training of your employees.

What is Oracle CX Sales?

Oracle CX Sales enables users to effectively and reliably use real-time information globally. Collaboration across all sales channels is greatly simplified - whether internally or with partners. By automating your processes, you can increase revenue and reduce sales costs, and foster long-term, profitable customer relationships. Develop a more responsive and robust sales organization with AI-powered sales tools based on complete customer data updated in your CRM system.


Oracle CRM - Software Solution with Management Approach

Unfortunately, the introduction of a CRM system is not the end of the story when it comes to customer relationship management. Whether your employees think and act in a customer-oriented way, whether your processes are optimally geared to the customer, and whether customer orientation is also "lived" in your company - a CRM system will not answer these questions for you.

It is important to be clear in advance about what you want to achieve with your customer relationship management. So before you start looking for a software solution, you should know your challenges and which areas the future CRM system should support. Because in general, the solution should always be adapted to your requirements and not the other way round! If you are at a loss, it is worthwhile to seek advice from independent consultants such as Thought Leader Systems, who will help you to select a suitable CRM system - such as Oracle CRM - for your needs.

Oracle CX Sales: We deliver profound consultation

Thought Leader Systems not only supports you in all matters relating to Oracle CX Sales. We also help with the digitalization of sales, marketing, and service. Together, we unlock your full market potential and continuously increase your company's success. To achieve this, we help you with e.g.

  • the development of your CRM vision and CRM strategy
  • the creation of your specifications & a roadmap
  • the selection of the CRM system and software package suitable for you
  • the implementation of the CRM system such as Oracle CX Sales
  • combining the CRM system with other tools (tech stack) to realize the full potential of the CRM solution
  • the definition of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • the continuous alignment and optimization of existing customer management processes

Discover the full potential of Oracle CX Sales toghether with us and save valuable time and money for your company!

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Getting your Oracle CRM implementation right

Thought Leader Systems has in-depth experience in the implementation of complex CRM projects. Our competent experts help you both - with the selection of the right CRM system and the functionalities that are important for you, as well as with the implementation of the CRM software and the integration into your existing IT landscape.


What does Oracle Sales offer?


AI-driven sales optimization

Automation of time-consuming data input and task management.


Creation of e-commerce websites with multiple business models using Oracle Sales.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Oracle CPQ facilitates configuration, pricing, and quoting.

Subscription management

Increase of long-term relationships through subscription revenue models.

Partner Relationship Management

Oracle Sales facilitates recruitment and campaign planning and offers incentives and knowledge-based support.


Turn your prospects into happy buyers with Oracle Sales.

Oracle CRM: Your perfectly integrated Oracle System

Oracle CX Sales is part of the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud (Oracle CX Cloud). This suite combines solutions for a wide range of business applications. The applications are optimally coordinated with each other. Thought Leader Systems not only helps you to seamlessly connect different Oracle components but also to create interfaces to other systems if required so that Oracle CX Sales can unfold its full potential. Many software applications can be easily linked to Oracle CRM like:

  • ERP: By connecting to an ERP system, your company receives information on sales history, shipping orders, project orders, and other areas.
  • Marketing Automation: By linking Oracle Sales to your Marketing Automation, you can build a holistic customer experience.
  • E-commerce: Link all customer information and interactions across channels to get a 360-degree view of the customer.
Your have multiple options. Thought Leader Systems will be happy to advise you!

Oracle Sales – Training and Empowerment

Thought Leader Systems offers beginners and advanced Oracle Sales users the opportunity to dive deeply and sustainably into the functionalities of the CRM system. In our individually tailored training courses, participants learn not only how various technical features work, but also how to configure the individual components technically and how they can be used in practice. The training of our experts is always close to practice.

Target group: Oracle Sales users; sales, marketing, and service managers; employees from the areas of marketing, sales, and service.


  • The participants get to know the functions of Oracle Sales
  • Examples from practice show the direct benefit of the individual features
  • The participants can use the full potential of Oracle Sales
  • Employees gain confidence in using the functions
  • The training is always practical and results-oriented
  • Oracle Sales can be used much more effectively as a CRM system

CRM: Successful with Oracle CX Sales

To establish Oracle CX Sales in your company, Thought Leader Systems always adapts to your individual business model, market conditions, goals, and target groups. We can help you with all your challenges - whether it's setting up a CRM strategy, selecting a CRM system, implementing it, or developing your concept further. When it comes to customer relationship management, you can rely on our holistic support. Among other things, we help you:

  • develop a modern, efficient concept for customer communication
  • bring your database up to speed and thus realize its full potential
  • professionalize and automate your sales, marketing, and service strategy
  • segment your customers to address them in a personalized and individual way
  • generate more leads and develop them into loyal customers
  • set up an efficient lead scoring system and better assess your contacts
  • convince your employees of CRM and introduce them to the CRM system Oracle CX Sales

Let us help you create lasting and sustainable customer relationships. Build on our Oracle Sales experience!

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Oracle CRM – Operations Support im Daily Business

The introduction of a CRM solution like Oracle Sales is one milestone among many. Because every company is continuously confronted with the most diverse tasks. Help is provided by a flexible and reliable agency partner who can quickly and flexibly adapt to your growing and changing challenges in sales, marketing, service, management, and communication. As a service agency, Thought Leader Systems supports you with your individual requirements - not only in terms of Oracle CRM. Our support is always based on your personal needs.

Your long-term agency partner

We want to bring your brand, your teams and processes, your goals and wishes forward. Trust in our fast and proactive work as well as our efficient and experienced actions.

Flexible support for your marketing and sales projects

We are also happy to support you as an external partner in order to cushion seasonal peaks in annual business and to be able to successfully manage newly added major or change projects.

Your professional partner on site

Thought Leader Systems works directly on-site at your premises if desired. In this way, we usually achieve greater joint impact, motivation, and performance in your projects.

Oracle Sales Health-Check and Optimization

Enhancements, staffing, and process changes, and the continuous influx of data can all impact the performance of Oracle Sales. Thought Leader Systems' Oracle Sales Health Check provides you with a comprehensive CRM system performance audit. We take a close look at whether the integration of Oracle Sales still offers upside potential or whether the connection of your other systems is working smoothly.

In doing so, we check much more than the CRM system. We also talk to the key users from sales, marketing, and service: Do the users use the tool and its possibilities? Where is there potential for improvement in the handling? Which functionalities would perhaps still be advantageous? You benefit from our Oracle experience. We know what is possible.

The Oracle Sales Health Check enables you to make immediate improvements in your performance and shows you where hidden potential still lies dormant. In this way, a "roadmap" for a functional and powerful CRM system is created, which enables your company to reach new heights in customer management.

Would you like an overview of your performance and the optimization possibilities of your tools and processes? Contact our experts. We will be happy to help you.