HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is HubSpot's flexible CRM system. It offers small and medium-sized businesses many important CRM functionalities and can easily be adapted to the needs of growing companies.

Thought Leader Systems has been an official HubSpot partner for many years and offers you everything from a single source: whether it's consulting, the design and implementation of complex CRM projects, system integration, business support, the optimization of systems, or the training of your employees.

What is HubSpot Sales Hub?

HubSpot Sales Hub is a cloud-based, easy-to-use CRM system for small to medium-sized businesses with growing digital demands that is relatively unproblematic to implement. The core features are easily implementable for an unlimited number of users. Interaction tracking, activity logging, and a pipeline dashboard are all included in this convenient HubSpot CRM system, as are extensive reporting features and sales automation. Native mobile apps for Android and iOS are also available.


HubSpot Sales Hub - The corporate philosophy and software solution of the HubSpot CRM

If you want to introduce a CRM system from HubSpot, please always bear in mind: There is much more behind customer relationship management than simply purchasing a CRM system. The CRM tool only serves to support your employees and can provide suggestions for action for optimal customer care. Whether your employees think in a customer-friendly way, whether your processes are optimally oriented towards the customer and whether customer orientation is also "lived" in your company - a software solution will not answer these questions for you.

It is important to think about what you want to achieve with your customer relationship management in advance. This means: Before you start choosing a software solution, you should know your requirements and which business areas the CRM system should support. Because the solution should be adapted to your requirements and not the other way round! If you're unsure, it may be worth consulting with independent consultants such as Thought Leader Systems who can help you select a CRM solution, such as HubSpot Sales Hub, that meets your needs.

HubSpot Sales Hub - We deliver expert advice for your CRM system

Thought Leader Systems supports you not only with the introduction of a HubSpot CRM system but with your entire digital change processes in sales, marketing, and service. Together, we unlock your full market potential and continuously increase the success of your business. To achieve this, we help you

  • the development of your CRM vision and CRM strategy
  • the creation of a requirements specification & a roadmap
  • in selecting the right software solution and package for you
  • in the implementation of a CRM system such as HubSpot Sales Hub
  • the combination with other tools (tech stack) to realize the full potential of the solution
  • the definition of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • continuously aligning and optimizing existing customer management processes
  • strengthening the collaboration of your teams through Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • strengthening the sales power of your sales team through Sales Enablement in the efficient use of your CRM system.

Together with us, fully exploit the potential of HubSpot Sales Hub as your CRM system and save valuable time and money for your company!

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HubSpot Sales Hub - Implementation and Integration

Thought Leader Systems is an official HubSpot partner and has years of experience in complex CRM projects. Our competent experts will help you select the right software package and the associated functionalities, as well as implement the solution and integrate it into your existing IT landscape.


What does HubSpot Sales Hub do as a CRM system?


Contact Management

Create new contacts simply by entering the e-mail or the domain of the company.

Creation of Emails & Templates

Create and send tailored emails with the HubSpot Sales Hub.

„Sales Tab“

Track sales, tasks, documents, and meetings.


Automatically transfer data from web forms into CRM.


Create meaningful landing pages from within CRM.


Create automated campaigns and processes with HubSpot Sales Hub.


Analyse your marketing activities from within the CRM system too.

„Service Tab“

This gives you access to a ticket system for customer support, for example.

Which integrations are possible, necessary, and useful?

HubSpot CMS

Create conversion-strong websites with HubSpot's content management system. With personalized website experiences that adapt in real-time.

Marketing Hub

Tools for landing pages, automation, analytics, and more help you drive more traffic to your website and convert more visitors.

Sales Hub

Time-saving tools that help you gain detailed insights on your prospects, automate tasks, and close more deals.

Service Hub

Customer service tools help you stay in touch with your customers and turn them into advocates for your business through the first-class service.

Thought Leader Systems not only helps you seamlessly connect HubSpot components but also interfaces with other systems as needed to help your HubSpot CRM system reach its full potential. Many software applications can be easily linked to the HubSpot Sales Hub like

  • ERP system: Integrate information on sales history, shipping orders, project orders, and other areas into the sales processes in your HubSpot Sales Hub.
  • Marketing automation: By linking the HubSpot Sales Hub with your marketing automation, you can build a holistic customer experience and hand over targeted leads to your sales team.
  • E-commerce: Link all customer information and interactions across channels to get a 360-degree view of your customer.

Your options are endless. Thought Leader Systems will be happy to advise you!


The HubSpot Sales Hub - Training and Empowerment for your CRM System

Thought Leader Systems offers beginners and advanced HubSpot CRM users the chance to dive deeply and sustainably into the functionalities of the system. In our training, which is individually tailored to your needs, participants learn - in addition to how various technical features work - how to configure the individual components and how to make use of them in practice in a success-oriented manner. All our training courses are practice-oriented. We are also happy to integrate individual sales coaching into your sales training.

Target group: Users of the HubSpot Sales Hub. Sales, marketing, and service managers. Employees from the areas of marketing, sales, and service.


  • Participants learn about the functions of a HubSpot CRM system. 
  • Examples from practice show the direct benefit of the various features.
  • Participants can use the full potential of the HubSpot Sales Hub.
  • Participants gain confidence in using the functions.
  • The training is extremely practical and results-oriented.
  • Your company can use HubSpot Sales Hub much more effectively as a CRM system.

Successful customer management with the HubSpot Sales Hub

Thought Leader Systems adapts individually to your business model, your market, your goals, and target groups. We give you a helping hand - whether it is, for example, the development of a CRM strategy, the selection of software, its implementation, or the further development of your concept. When it comes to customer relationship management, you can rely on our holistic support. We help you, among other things:

improve your customer communication and make it friendlier

  • bring your customer database up to scratch and exploit its full potential
  • automate your sales, marketing, and service strategy
  • Segment your customers to address them in a personalized and individual way
  • generate more leads and develop them into loyal customers
  • Set up an efficient lead scoring system and better evaluate leads
  • Convince your employees of the advantages of a CRM system and make them more aware of the CRM benefits

Work with us to create lasting and sustainable customer relationships. Build on our many years of HubSpot experience!

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HubSpot Sales Hub – Operations Support in Day-To-Day Business

Implementing a CRM system like HubSpot Sales Hub is just one milestone in your company's success. Every brand, every company, and every institution encounters a wide variety of challenges over time. That's where a flexible and reliable agency partner who can quickly adapt to your changing sales, marketing, service, management, and communication tasks in a performance-oriented manner comes in handy. As a service agency, Thought Leader Systems meets your individual challenges. Our support is therefore always geared to your personal needs.

Your long-term agency partner

Team capacities in marketing, sales, or communications are usually only geared to ongoing business.

That's why we support your teams as an external partner to cushion seasonal peaks in annual business and to successfully manage newly added major projects (e.g. campaigns, events) or change projects.

With additional staff capacities and with our project management specialists.

Flexible support for your marketing and sales projects

Team capacities in marketing, sales, or communications are usually only geared to ongoing business.

That's why we support your teams as an external partner to cushion seasonal peaks in annual business and to successfully manage newly added major projects (e.g. campaigns, events) or change projects.

With additional staff capacities and with our project management specialists.

Your professional partner on site

Thought Leader Systems also works on-site with our clients' teams. When it matters, we provide your interim management (e.g. for projects or in case of illness).

When our specialists are integrated on-site with you, we usually achieve an even higher joint impact, motivation, and performance of the entire team - through more efficient coordination and faster reaction times.

Together with your team, we are responsible "on site" for the success of large projects and milestones and support them with manpower and know-how....

HubSpot Health-Check and Optimization

Tool enhancements, staffing, and process changes, and the continuous influx of data can all impact the performance of HubSpot Sales Hub and your IT landscape. The HubSpot Health Check from Thought Leader Systems provides you with a comprehensive performance audit of your CRM solution. We take a close look at whether the technical integration of HubSpot Sales Hub still offers potential for optimization or whether the connection of your systems is working smoothly.

In doing so, we check much more than just your system. We also talk to the key users from sales, marketing and service: How is the tool accepted? Where is there potential for improvement in the handling? Which functionalities would perhaps still be advantageous? You benefit from our many years of experience with HubSpot. Because we know what is possible.

The HubSpot Health Check enables you to make immediate improvements to your performance and shows where there is potential for improvement. In this way, a "roadmap" is created for a functional and powerful CRM solution that enables your company to reach new heights of performance with customers.

Would you like an overview of your performance and the optimization possibilities of your tools and processes? Contact our experts. We will be happy to help you.