We are your Business Architects

We build your new business - with intelligent Business Architecture

If you want to redesign a business model, you need a partner as a business architect who will accompany you all the way to the realization of your plan. Not only start-ups but especially established companies, investors or institutions want to build up new business areas, implement new business models, and open up new markets. Business Architecture is the design of the infrastructure, organizational structure, and processes of the new business model.

At Thought Leader Systems, we act as business architects for our clients and transform business ideas into concepts, tangible prototypes, and market-ready ventures. Our Business Architecture service program includes:

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  • Idea management, development of vision, mission and corporate values
  • Design of the business strategy and development of the business model
  • Planning and conception of the company, its offers, infrastructure, teams, and processes
  • Recruitment and training of managers and teams
  • Development of marketing and sales strategies
  • Press relations, storytelling and CEO Communications
  • Full marketing operations including content management, lead management, SEO / SEA, marketing campaigns and marketing automation
  • Interim operation of the finished company in all customer-relevant areas such as marketing, sales, and service.



We construct new business models systematically

Building a business and its business architecture requires both a strategic approach and pragmatism with an eye for the essentials. As business architects, we take a strategic and planned approach to our clients' new business. For this purpose we use our self-developed Business Architecture Canvas (see figure). This management concept is based on our experience as consultants, system partners, business architects and management trainers.

We shape the vision, mission and values with you

With our Business Architecture Framework, we jointly develop the positioning, the range of services, the structure and the service processes of your company and business model. The success of Business Architecture begins with the right business idea - and here too, as an external think tank for our clients, we shine the light.

In the beginning there is the vision of the company - how do you want to change markets and people with your business model? What is the mission - what task will your new company and brand take on? Which values do you pursue?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast: You will only achieve the goals of your business model if you actively develop and define the values and culture from the very beginning and anchor them in the business model.

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We develop the optimal positioning for your business model

The work in Business Architecture continues with finding the optimal positioning for your company and brand. Why should people identify with your company? Why will your brand become important and right for people? How do you create an inspiring message that engages people for a goal that is greater than yours - for the benefit and well-being of all?

As Business Architects we develop brands with a positioning that helps them become thought leaders in their industry.

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Your company's offering is the core of your business architecture, visible to customers

Together with you, we define your range of services - as a solution for customers, as a contribution to a better planet and as the core of your business strategy. As business architects, we take an unconventional approach to even mature and highly competitive markets.

We create differentiation and a unique position for your company through products and services that clearly communicate your claim to thought leadership in your market and are visible to customers.

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We secure sales channels and customer access in the digital age

Modern business models rely on direct access to their own customers - online and offline. Especially on the web, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach customers - the competition for Google rankings and social media attention is merciless. Customer behavior in classic B2B markets has long since become digitalized - customers inform themselves before buying on the Internet, and the company's own sales department only approaches the new customer much later, usually only when the customer already knows exactly what he wants.
As business architects, we consider and anticipate the change to the digital customer in your business model. We consistently align the business architecture of your business model, marketing and sales to customer needs in the digital era.
In this way, we secure your company's lead as a thought leader in customer access on the Internet - with superior Google rankings of your website, high attention in PR and social media, and effective lead management for building new customer relationships.
When designing the business architecture of your marketing and sales, we focus on creating resonance with your customers and on the pull effect of inbound marketing and thought leadership marketing.

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We combine marketing and sales to an integrated customer experience

We plan, deliver (and if desired, operate) your marketing systems (marketing automation) and your sales systems (CRM systems). We act not only as planning business architects, but also as tackling partners in your daily business - as strong system partners.
This includes working as a partner of your marketing department to prepare your customer acquisition campaigns. It includes the support as a partner of your sales department with the assumption of sales services or sales training. And it includes the ongoing operational support of your customer acquisition on the Internet - e.g. with content marketing that clearly communicates your vision and your positioning - to customers, prospective customers and the public.

As business architects, we establish your infrastructure for you - with a team with a founder mentality, with a high level of know-how for your target groups (buyer personas) and sales channels (multi-channel sales) and with a clear view of your role as a thought leader.

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How we proceed as Business Architects