We are the think tank for thought leaders

Why and when do you need us as your think tank partner?

Thought Leadership is an effective management strategy that businesses and individuals alike can use to achieve a significant impact on their target group.



Especially when facing difficult challenges in distribution, marketing, or communications, our Thought Leadership think tank helps you to use disruptive marketing, digital transformation, and, with the creation of entirely new markets for your growth.

Unlike other research approaches, we do not simply apply the technical possibilities and implications of modern trends. We draw on the real-life experiences of people and address their unresolved needs, desires, and fears. It is not the digital age that creates the trends for the people, it’s the people who create the digital age.

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Fast results with a lasting effect

The newer and more complex the topic, the more worthwhile it is to analyse the opportunities, challenges and potential of one's own concern in a targeted manner with our experts - before investing money and nerves in a non-market-ready or irrelevant approach.

  • Work with experienced experts from various disciplines such as technology, innovation, strategic communication, media and web, psychology, sociology as well as trend research and market research.
  • Plan with our proven strategy and management approach. We examine the opportunities, risks and effects of your brand, innovation or communication concept for you as a commissioned work or as part of a consulting assignment.

Growth is based on thinking in terms of customer relationships and business systems.
Not of the technically feasible.

Thinking ahead. Staying ahead.

We are constantly developing our methodology further and our experience in various industries and business models gives you an important view over "the edge of your plate". Often, completely unexpected support for your special request comes from completely different industries or models of thinking.

For you we use both classical methods such as market and communication research and innovative modules such as systemic organisational and brand constellations. The Think Tank of Thought Leader Systems is a flexible, unconventional and innovative way to think through and improve your concerns.

With a 360-degree view of your company, market environment and customers. And with a clear focus on achieving your communicative, economic and social goals.