Brand Strategy

What is a Brand Strategy?

Regardless of whether the economy is booming or shaken by crises, companies should never neglect to protect and develop their own Brand. The brand is the face of the product. Companies have shown how much value a bitten apple on the smartphone or a star on the hood can have. A good Brand Strategy has the power to establish you on the market, create recognition value, and increase sales in the long run.

As the name suggests, it's hard to offer a Brand Strategy definition, because that's what it is, a Strategy. This Strategy must be tailored to the company, Brand, and product or service. The common ground, however, lies in the goal: the establishment of one's own brand in the memory of the customer. We can help you to cope with these complex tasks and topics so that your brand can no longer be ignored in the lives of your customers.


What is a Brand?

A Brand is a complex entity based on customer experience combined with objective attributes. A Brand Strategy must now take this structure, organize it, and optimize it.

To generalize a brand would not do justice to the topic, Thought Leader Systems, therefore, uses a clear division into three large round building blocks, of which a brand is composed and which affects a Brand Strategy either individually or as a whole. The three major disciplines are broken down into complex individual parts in order to really be able to deliver a tailor-made Brand Strategy for each product.



Thomas Cook launched a highly personalized advertising campaign with targeted banners and individualized messages to his own customers. Through this commitment, a relationship was established with the customers and a feeling for their own Brand was conveyed. This positioning delivered impressive results showing that the impact of Brand marketing cannot be overestimated.

Your Brand is what other people say about you
when you‘re not in the room.

Our Brand Strategy approach

In five steps we get an overview of the situation of your Brand, analyze it and find together with you the best ideas, more awareness, more retention, and finally more turnover to create without losing your own identity.

In practice, this process is a back and forth between the individual steps between which we are always in communication with your company to achieve the best possible result.


How we find your perfect Brand Strategy


The first step in our process identification is the analysis of your existing Brand and the associated Brand Strategy. Together with you, we search for the attributes that distinguish your Brand and the Strategy they are associated with. This information enables us to draw conclusions about possible errors, because only if you know where the error lies can you eliminate it. We attach great importance to transparency in our process and try, through close cooperation with you, to take any suggestions and fears into consideration, because even in spite of optimization and change, the heart of the brand should of course be preserved.




After an in-depth analysis of your Brand and Strategy, well-founded conclusions are drawn and a SWOT diagram (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) is created. With the help of these basic considerations, we find several suggestions and directions in which your Brand could move in order to become more successful. Together with you, we will find the right direction so that the company's old virtues are preserved and strengthened.




Analysis of the product and its potential alone is not enough to build a successful Brand Strategy. The strengths and opportunities found must now be shaped by concrete ideas and implementation options. The information from the previous steps of this process is used to create the framework conditions and rules by which the ideas found must be measured and oriented so that they can be implemented meaningfully in the next step. The idea generation is the definition of a vision and a mission, which want to represent the brand and the company as a whole and behind whose background the Brand Strategy is built up.



Ideas and framework conditions are brought together and formed into a Strategy. 

We create a roadmap for you with a clearly structured plan for the implementation of the ideas. 

In this step of the process, implementation in pilot markets can be considered in order to verify the actual benefits. In case of problems, there is of course the possibility to go back steps and to find new approaches from the portfolio of collected ideas and to test them.


After a successful test phase or implementation on the pilot markets, the rollout follows on all markets. The methods that have proven successful are now fully implemented. For the implementation of the different markets, we offer you several Strategies, depending on the goals you pursue with your Brand. With us, you set yourself realistic goals for the launch and implement them in a targeted manner. Even the best preparatory work and process planning can be ruined by poor implementation. With us, you play it safe and do not leave even the smallest details to chance. Even after the rollout, we will still be at your side with words and deeds to ensure that your Brand remains exciting and, above all, successful in the future.