Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign enables midsize companies and enterprises to deliver a consistent and personalized customer experience across many communication channels and touchpoints.

Thought Leader Systems has been an official Adobe partner for many years and is your one-stop shop for consulting, systems integration, staff training, marketing campaign creation, business support, and systems optimization.

What is Adobe Campaign?

Adobe Campaign is a sub-module of the Adobe Experience Cloud that lets you plan and manage cross-channel marketing campaigns. Adobe Campaign works closely with the other Adobe Marketing Cloud modules. As a result, it is often used as part of an overall integrated solution, for example, in combination with Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Experience Manager.

Thought Leader Systems has years of experience in marketing automation to help you create personalized experiences for your customers and engage them through any channel.


Thought Leader Systems: Your Adobe Campaign experts

Thought Leader Systems supports your digital change processes in marketing, sales and service. Together, we unlock your full market potential and continuously increase your company's success. To achieve this, we help you to

  • select the software solution that is most suitable for your business, such as the Adobe Campaign
  • select the software package that ideally meets your purposes
  • combine Adobe Campaign with other tools (tech stack) to realize the full potential of the solution
  • define key performance indicators (KPIs) and create your roadmap to success
  • optimize the existing processes
Let us help you realize the full potential of Adobe Campaign and save valuable time and money for your organization!


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Getting your Adobe Campaign implementation right

Thought Leader Systems has years of experience in marketing automation and is an official Adobe partner. Our experts can help you select the right software package and associated functionalities, as well as implement the solution and integrate it into your existing IT landscape.

Adobe solution-partner

Adobe Campaign - Your advantages at a glance

  • Marketing Automation: Create, automate, and evaluate your campaigns across all channels.
  • Cross-Channel Marketing: Bring together data from different systems, devices, and channels.
  • E-Mail Management: Optimize your emails with personalized and relevant messages.
  • Segmentation and targeting: Gain a better understanding of your individual customer segments.
  • Campaign management: Define audience segments and plan cross-channel campaigns.

Get the best out of Adobe Campaign with a perfectly integrated system

Adobe Campaign is a module and part of the so-called Adobe Experience Cloud. It is more suitable for larger and experienced marketing teams that want to provide a consistent and personalizable customer experience across many communication channels and touchpoints. Both training and implementation of the cloud or individual modules are best planned as professional projects. Adobe Cloud includes a variety of integrated software modules. Here's an overview of key components:

Adobe Campaign

A sub-module of Adobe Experience Cloud that lets you plan and manage cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Adobe Analytics

The module for tracking and optimizing complete customer journeys with numerous touchpoints. For multichannel marketing campaigns, online content and online advertising.

Adobe Audience Manager

This module can be used to segment new target groups based on their behavior (behavioral targeting). The data from various modules in the Adobe suite converge here centrally.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager is used to create and optimize individualized landing pages, emails, and web pages. It serves as the web content management database or the CMS for the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Target

The module for testing different variants of content and campaign assets (e.g. landing pages) with A/B testing and more complex testing procedures.

Three ways to implement your Adobe Campaign

Thought Leader Systems not only advises companies on how to optimize and implement software solutions, but also helps your company get the big picture on technology, processes, and strategy, restructure elements, and set up profitable new processes to digitally optimize customer relationships.

We help you implement Adobe Campaign both as part of Adobe Experience Cloud and as part of a complex IT landscape.

Szenario 1: Stand-alone solution

In general, Adobe Campaign can be implemented as a stand-alone solution. However, the marketing automation software unfolds its full potential with interfaces to other systems.

Szenario 2: Part of the Adobe Experience Cloud

We help you use Adobe Campaign efficiently and smoothly as part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

Szenario 3: Within a complex IT landscape

We help you embed Adobe Campaign in your complex IT landscape. To do this, we analyze your technological circumstances and, if necessary, restructure the processes together with you.

Adobe Campaign – Training und Empowerment

Thought Leader Systems offers beginners and advanced Adobe Campaign users the chance to immerse themselves in all the system's capabilities. In our training sessions, which are tailored to your individual needs, participants learn - in addition to how various technical features work - how the individual components are technically configured and how they can be used in practice. Our experts make the training very practice-oriented.

Target group: Adobe users, marketing managers, marketing operations staff, and anyone involved in planning and implementing marketing campaigns and lead management processes in Adobe Campaign.


  • Participants learn about the features of Adobe Campaign
  • Real-life examples demonstrate the direct benefits of various features
  • Participants can use the full potential of Adobe Campaign
  • Employees gain confidence in using the features
  • The training is extremely practical and results-oriented
  • Adobe Campaign can be used much more effectively as a system

Successful marketing campaigns with Adobe Campaign

Thought Leader Systems helps you put your target audiences at the center of your marketing efforts using Adobe Campaign. Our experts always focus on your business model, your market, your goals, and your target audiences. Whether it's traditional marketing or press relations, or the creation of cutting-edge concepts such as the development of corporate brand ambassadors (so-called Brand Faces), we'll give you a hand. Rely on our holistic support in the online world - for content management, inbound marketing, social media management and the development of brand communities. Among other things, we help you:

  • improve your customer communications and make them friendlier
  • automate your marketing strategies
  • Generate more leads and develop them into loyal customers
  • Segment your customers to target them with personalized and customized ads
  • create customized content for diverse audiences
  • establish an efficient lead scoring system and better evaluate leads.
  • invest in efficient systems rather than just traffic
  • automate your marketing campaigns
Work with us to create lasting and sustainable customer relationships. Build on our many years of Adobe Campaign experience!

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Our Adobe Campaign operations support for your day-to-day business

Every brand, every company and every institution encounters a wide variety of challenges over the course of time. That's where a flexible and reliable agency partner who adapts to your changing tasks in marketing, sales, management and communication quickly and in a performance-oriented manner comes in handy.

As a service agency, Thought Leader Systems meets your individual challenges. Our support is therefore always geared to your personal needs.

Your long-term agency partner

Thought Leader Systems works as a firm service partner for "running business" - on all your growth issues.

We build a trusted collaboration in a long-term, ongoing relationship - so we know your business inside out.

We want to understand your brand, your teams and processes, your goals and aspirations. So we can work quickly and proactively, act efficiently and routinely, and enforce professional measures for more growth and customer proximity in your business.

Flexible support for your marketing and sales projects

Team capacities in marketing, sales or communications are usually only geared to ongoing business.

That's why we support your teams as an external partner to cushion seasonal peaks in annual business and to successfully manage newly added major projects (e.g. campaigns, events) or change projects. With additional personnel capacities and with our project management specialists.

Your professional partner on site

Thought Leader Systems also works on-site with our clients' teams. When the need arises, we provide your interim management (e.g. for projects or cases of illness).

When our specialists are integrated on-site with you, we typically achieve even greater collective impact, motivation and performance across the entire team - through more efficient coordination and faster responsiveness.

Together with your team, we are responsible "on site" for the success of major projects and milestones and provide support in the form of manpower and know-how.

Adobe Campaign Health Check and Optimization

Tool enhancements, staffing, and process changes, and the continuous influx of data can all impact the performance of your IT landscape. Thought Leader Systems' Adobe Campaign Health Check provides you with a comprehensive business audit of your marketing automation process. We take a close look at whether the technical integration of Adobe Campaign still offers potential for optimization or whether the connection to the other systems is working smoothly or the lead management process is running correctly.

In doing so, we check much more than your system. We also talk to key users from marketing and sales: How is the tool being received? Where is there room for improvement in the handling? Which functionalities would perhaps still be advantageous? You benefit from our many years of experience with Adobe Campaign. Because we know what is possible.

The Adobe Campaign Health Check enables you to make immediate improvements to your performance and shows where there is room for improvement. This creates a "roadmap" for a functional and powerful marketing automation solution that enables your company to reach new heights of performance with customers.

Would you like an overview of your performance and the optimization possibilities of your campaigns, tools, and processes? Contact our experts. We'll be happy to help you.