Investors and Start-Ups

The success story for market monopoly and growth hacking


Start-ups make themselves visible via their websites. The moment they put themselves out there, investors and customers evaluate their right to exist and competitive advantage. Many start-ups practice lean management very successfully and begin by only providing a minimum-viable-product (mvp).

However, potential customers and investors measure what the start-up offers on their own personal experiences; worst-case: they expect much more than the young business is yet able to provide. From the very start of the foundation phase, the focus on Thought Leadership can avoid such problems by pursuing focused expectation management and include potential customers into the business’s setup.

Founding your business with Thought Leadership starts by evaluating your vision, mission, and values.


As a marketing strategy, Thought Leadership immediately positions your brand in terms of what your stands are and which human needs you want to satisfy. There is the difference between a saleable brand and a cult brand! The apple that’s been bitten into is not only the known symbol for prestigious technology but also for the seduction in the creation story…

Thought Leadership helps start-ups to position themselves in the market from the get-go. The marketing and distribution are set to have a high response with potential customers, therefore you can save valuable recourses in market cultivation.

When considering new businesses, Investors can, when looking through the eyes of a Thought Leader, quickly see potential flaws, unused potential, or structural deficits in the young company. Moreover, if you delicate individual tasks to a third-party (e.g. Thought Leader Systems), you can unburden the young team especially in the start-up phase.

In order to gap the inexperience of the young team, in particular in regards to Thought Leadership, an interim management can be a very useful idea. Thereby you increase the chance of success for your investment exponentially.