We are your system partner

Let's turn your business into a system

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and Steve Jobs the iPhone. Right? Not quite, because they didn't just invent products, they invented entire systems. Both weren't just "market leaders", but they were the ones who "created" markets. Both are still thought leaders - up until today. They have transformed their business into a system that continues to grow and will continue to grow in the future. We call this "Thought Leader Systems".



Know-how and infrastructure make the difference

If you want to turn your business into a powerful system, you should further develop two crucial factors of your business: Your know-how and your infrastructure. Both are assets that are often underestimated - in their business value and strategic importance.

We turn your know-how into a marketable system

Your know-how about products, markets, and customers is a strategic competitive advantage. Behind this is "Intellectual Property" - the intellectual property and knowledge of many employees. We help you to protect your know-how and turn it into part of your business, which is like a self-reinforcing system.

We use your know-how to develop new knowledge products for existing and completely new customer groups. We help you to achieve new market reach - e.g. with an academy, self-learning products or learning platforms (Learning Management Systems).

We have created success stories in many industries. Profit from our know-how - we make it a system ourselves.

We develop your business into a growing system

Your company works with processes and software. Especially in marketing, sales, and communication these systems become visible and tangible for your customers. Deficiencies in dealing with customers are immediately shared in social media.

Positive customer experiences can be generated systematically to inspire customers and to create emotional loyalty. These individual experiences are the brand experience in the digital era.

We check your processes, your communication and software for their external impact on customers. And we support you in optimizing these underestimated success factors.

I don't serve markets. I create them.

Akio Morita, Sony-Gründer

How we make your business a system

1. We are system developers for products and solutions

Together with you, we track down unrecognized business assets - in your know-how, your infrastructure and your processes.

  • We develop ideas and concepts for knowledge-based products that capitalize on your valuable know-how and create new value for customers.
  • We design your optimal infrastructure for marketing, sales and communication in the digital era. With trend-setting software solutions and efficient processes.

2. As your system integrator we create a new customer experience

When know-how and infrastructure mesh perfectly, customers can have a completely new brand experience.

  • Modern marketing automation, content management systems, software for inbound marketing and CRM create a future-proof infrastructure for positive customer experiences along the customer journey.
  • We will be happy to advise and support you in selection, implementation and integration.

3. We work as system partners for Thought Leader

We support you in operating the solutions we have developed for you. Their requirements are as individual as their goals and business models.

  • We operate know-how-based products such as customer academies or learning platforms together with our customers.
    Infrastructure for marketing and sales requires training, technical support, and maintenance.
  • We support you with software solutions from our partners such as SAP, Oracle, Adobe, HubSpot or Salesforce in the operation and further development of your marketing systems.