Customer Data Platform: The Game Changer for Your Business

Basamba Samba
Sep 14, 2021 11:04:14 AM
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A Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables your company to collect data at every touchpoint of the Customer Journey. All the information then can be automatically combined and attributed to create individual marketing campaigns. Navigate your company safely and enter a fast-paced era of innovation with a CDP.
More and more companies put their trust in a customer data platform to build a safe foundation for their data driven marketing. A CDP is a type of data-based middleware, which collects data across different channels and devices.

This information is then brought together and optimized to create individual customer profiles. Analyzing and interpreting the data enables you to do strategic data-driven marketing and customize your advertising campaigns.

A CDP collects, analyzes and evaluates the information across channels. Crucial to data-driven marketing is that your existing data sets are constantly fed with new information and are up-to-date at all times.

Get targeted results with Data Driven Marketing

Although a Customer Data Platform can seem complex, it makes your data-driven marketing much easier. You benefit from automated processes that are continuously adapted and optimized. As a result, you save time, increase the success of your campaigns, grow your revenue, and deepen customer relationships with customers who trust you.

Determine in advance what you want to achieve with a customer data platform before you decide on a specific one. It is very important at this point to take a close look at your company's organizational structures and adapt them.
Define a detailed strategy to realize the full potential of the CDP. To do this, you need to know exactly
  • Who your target groups are;
  • Which channels you want to use to reach your defined target groups;
  • Whether your campaigns are cross-channel;
  • You need information with personalized content.

Your requirements lay the foundation for analyzing and evaluating the feature set of the CDPs that are available for selection. Take a close look at the features that will give you a competitive advantage.

Once you have completed the organization and strategy, the search for the provider that suits you begins. A vendor comparison from the CDP Institute, can make your search easier.

Product demos are a good guide to help you decide on a particular Customer Data Platform. Make sure each platform is comparable. For example, consider real-world infrastructure and coverage of the same use cases across all shortlisted CDPs. Pricing models and services also factor in at this point.


Data Driven Marketing with the CDP - your benefits

By integrating a Customer Data Platform into your system landscape, you finally achieve a "true" 360° view of each and every one of your customers. You recognize their preferences and wishes before they express them.

The customer feels understood and picked up, which gives you an enormous advantage over the competition. You build trust in your brand and easily communicate your company's expertise.
The result: loyal customers who recruit new customers.

With the help of machine learning tools, a sub-discipline of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Driven Marketing is a breeze. This autonomous learning leads to optimized performance that delights your customers and drives revenue. The Customer Data Platform's ability to make predictions through implemented dynamic algorithms makes it a game changer.

Combine your years of subjective campaign experience with the objectivity of the Customer Data Platform. In other words, using CDP for data-driven marketing campaigns, enables an in-depth view of objective facts.

Implementing a CDP is a complex process that requires expert guidance. To ensure a seamless transition, let independent experts such as Thought Leader Systems advise you and build on competent consulting to help you create the necessary conditions in your company.

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