The Biggest B2B Marketing Barriers and How To Overcome Them

Tobbias Schloemer
Sep 16, 2021 9:15:25 AM
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B2B marketing is benefiting from a lot of movement. The main reasons for this are increasing marketing automation, the digitalization of buying processes, and the continual increase in buyer power. However, many companies encounter barriers that they cannot remove. Identify these hurdles and discover how to make your B2B sales team fit for the future.
Many companies have been catapulted into an era of innovative digital transformation and are grappling with its implications. As such they often encounter four typical barriers in B2B marketing. First, they often don't have a coordinated content strategy.
Second, automating their marketing or sales processes is a hurdle. They also have difficulty finding qualified experts with the required expertise and skills. A fourth hurdle, which is often compounded, is that marketing and sales don't always work hand in hand.

Take a close look at your company and look for possible adjustments and how you can solve problems. Be sure to implement the following steps:
  • Work with modern marketing and sales tools.
  • Sharpen and enhance your sales culture.
  • Optimize your corporate orientation.
  • Adapt to the constantly changing customer journey.
  • Build on a professional content strategy.
  • Get expert advice on questions and problems.

Optimizing B2B marketing: Bringing marketing and sales into harmony

Modern B2B marketing requires separating yourself from traditional marketing and sales tactics. This is the only way to create an overarching work environment in which these two revenue-driving functional areas complement each other. It's also the only way to ensure that both departments operate together, rather than each one pursuing its own interests.

The following solutions will help you avoid imminent conflicts and allow sales processes to run side by side in a coordinated manner:
  • Common goals. If the marketing and sales departments have different goals, a conflict of interests is inevitable. While sales is measured by quantitative key figures that are easy and quick to read, the outcome of marketing can only be measured qualitatively and can only be recognized in the long term. As such, marketing and sales are in direct competition for budget and resources. Unite the goals to see desired results.
  • Constructive communication. Advancing communication requires expert knowledge of business as well as organizational and informational contexts. Make sure to use suitable platforms and networks for an appropriate exchange at eye level, as these are instruments of goal-oriented communication.
  • Excellent processes. Whether handing over profitable leads, handling or processing a customer inquiry or a complaint - there are "breaking points" everywhere that you need to bridge. Apply unified software solutions that are compatible with each other at individual workstations and in the respective departments.

The desired result here is to always leverage the strengths of both departments with a joint marketing and sales strategy. This leads to profitable B2B marketing and increases the quality of the products. Subsequently you will benefit from having satisfied customers who trust the company's expertise, which in turn generates sales growth.


Search for help with your B2B marketing efforts

Break down B2B marketing barriers and focus on implementing digital marketing and sales tools. Invest in software solutions, quality content, and gaining the necessary knowledge and skills.

Develop a joint marketing and sales strategy and create platforms and networks to enable a collaborative as well as an interactive work ethic between all stakeholders at eye level.

If you need assistance with this, contact our experts at Thought Leadership Systems. We'll be happy to help!

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