Five Important Reasons For A Customer Data Platform

Basamba Samba
Oct 1, 2021 12:16:21 PM
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A Customer Data Platform (CDP) now plays an important role for many companies when it comes to automated processing of customer data. A CDP allows you to connect all data sources - whether onsite, offsite, CRM, BI, offline, etc. - across all channels. Data silos are broken down, unified and thus enable a 360-degree view of each customer.
Many companies deploy a Customer Data Platform with one big, overarching goal: to achieve a unified, personalized customer experience across devices and channels, based on the customer lifecycle. But there are even more benefits to using a CDP.

1 - Get rid of your data silos with a CDP

Data silos are no longer a hurdle, because thanks to the Customer Data Platform, such mountains of data are taken apart and processed in a valuable way. The CDP collects data from various sources, e.g. from the offline behavior of your customers and also from your CRM systems. These are then efficiently managed in the software.

Your data-driven projects are henceforth simplified, as the CDP creates customer profiles and automatically divides them into target groups. This allows you to optimize all marketing campaigns. Whether you want to run marketing automation or clean up your customer service, with a CDP you have a powerful tool that allows you to run successful campaigns.

2 - Make decisions in seconds thanks to the CDP

The synchronization of data is a specialty of the Customer Data Platform and is done in seconds. This aggregated data is made available to you in real time. Therefore, you can efficiently exploit this information in your marketing campaigns.

As the CDP gets to know your customers better over time, you make more and more targeted predictions. Thus, you give your customers the appropriate incentives and have an influence on customer behavior. This has a positive impact on your projects and gives you successful campaigns.


3 - CDP: The cross-channel and cross-device customer journey tracker

The Customer Data Platform is a real wonder weapon. Customers and prospects have different points of contact with your company. With a CDP, you can better recognize the different contact situations and use the information for more in-depth, individualized customer contact.


4 - The CDP is the security safe for your data

The Customer Data Platform is a helpful partner for the protection of your data. It supports you in complying with the guidelines of the EU-DSGVO and in acting according to them. The be-all and end-all of a good and long-lasting customer relationship, is based on the foundation of trust. Customers who know their valuable data is safe are satisfied customers. You can process your data in a data protection-compliant manner at any time.


5 - The CDP and other marketing tools

By integrating a Customer Data Platform, you create interfaces to implement other marketing tools. In this way, the CDP acts as a central intermediary that holds your marketing architecture together.

A big advantage is that a CDP can easily communicate with different software. For example, you can link visualization tools with your Customer Data Platform. This way you can create a meaningful presentation of the data in your reports.

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