What is Public Relations?

PR, abbreviation for Public Relations, or the also often mentioned "public relations" serves primarily to communicate company information to a larger public. Information is passed on in a targeted manner either as a broadcast or in a direct discussion with media representatives (press conference, interview). The aim of the company is to convey "good" messages to the target groups, which promote the degree of awareness and/or the social proof of the company and thus trigger a positive, desired behaviour among the customer target group.
In some cases, companies are also obliged to publish information, e.g. annual reports of listed companies.

Goals of Public Relations?

PR on the Internet is a versatile and promising field of activity, which has its own status alongside classical press and public relations work. Those who know the rules of communication partners such as online journalists and bloggers and also have SEO knowledge can increase the number of visitors and decisively advance the social proof of a company.
Further goals of PR are:

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Level of Awareness

The aim is to increase the level of awareness of a brand or brand face.

Social Proof

Strengthen confidence in the company or service and improve the general climate of opinion.

Target Audiences

Addressing new, atypical target groups.


This opens up further markets and stabilises the current market.