Business Architects

We devise, design, and realize business models


On your way to greatness, you will need a reliable partner who will support you and help you in realizing and achieving your goals. That holds true for start-ups as well as for well-established businesses, investors, or NGOs who want to establish new areas of operation, new business models, and new markets.

We at Thought Leader Systems will serve your architects, i.e. we will transform your business ideas into concepts and actual prototypes. Our portfolio consists of:

  • Idea management, developing visions, mission, and values.
  • Compiling the business strategy and model.
  • Designing and planning of your business, your range of services/products to offer, infrastructure, team, and processes.
  • Recruiting and training of managers and teams.
  • Developing of marketing and distribution strategies.
  • PR, Storytelling, and CEO communications.
  • Interim operations.

The Thought Leadership Canvas – the jump start for every aspiring Business Architect

In order so become a successful business architect you have to have a strategical approach as well as a pragmatically one and always focus on the essentials. We have developed the Thought Leader Canvas based on our experiences as consultants, cooperative partners, business architects, and management trainer. We would be delighted if you would use it and are happy to receive any feedback.

The start of a successful business model always originates from a good idea, a clear and relatable vision, mission, and values. These cannot be stressed highly enough. These define what your company and brand stands for. By writing down why people should and could identify with you, you are gaining an indispensable insight why your agenda is important to people. Create an inspiring message that involves people to aim for a goal bigger than them and you – for the greater good. TLSystems-Biz-Architects

Define your range of services/products – don’t just offer a technical solution for a problem, but as a contribution to a better world, something that makes people’s lives better and helps them to develop. This way you are able to gain the trust and devotion of the people.

Develop client pulls, one of many ways in the digital age to stay relevant within your target group as well as maintaining enthusiasm. From there you can build distribution channels and your customers will actively help you in them – as an influencer, by recommending you, or as members of your brand community.

Utilize above-mentioned methods as a basis for your marketing and distribution systems. Cooperate with strong and suitable partners. Distribute content that communicates your vision and stands to customers, prospect customers, and the general public.

Establish an infrastructure – utilize your assets, a team with entrepreneur mentality, a high know-how of your buyer personas and channels, and with a clear view of your role as a Thought Leader.