Inbound Recruiting

Inbound Recruiting - Winning employees in the new media age

To be present at university fairs, to position the company, its products, and selected employees in social media - is that not enough to become attractive and attract candidates? The digital age is changing the rules of the game and shifting market power towards candidates and high potentials in the market.

With inbound recruiting, you can be targeted by your potential employees on the Internet - via Google, in social media, and on business platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing. With Inbound Recruiting, you address well-informed, active candidates and, of course, digital natives. With the help of time- and location-relevant content, inbound marketing repeatedly focuses attention on your own company and positions your company as an expert in a specific field - thus creating closeness and trust.

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Why our company

Authentic content shows your ideal candidates why you should work in your company. Today's high potentials are better informed than ever before and can see through any employer branding, personnel marketing or the traditional: "Why our company is the right one".

Inbound Recruiting – how it works

In order to make your ideal applicants aware of your company, you need useful content. Job advertisements, employee evaluations on Kununu and Co. as well as your corporate culture campaigns in the social media are not bad but are not sufficient to build trust. Your company is in competition with thousands of other companies - to shape the high potentials who have what it takes to shape markets and people in the digital age.
What do these people dream of? What interests them? What do you really want to know about your company and the future of your company? Develop content offerings that understand your ideal candidates in their entirety - as applicants, as managers, as specialists, and as members of a future generation of decision-makers in the digital age.

How should this be integrated into your HR work and marketing? Marketing Automation Software helps you to attract the right candidates on the Internet, to attract them to your company with content and to win them over to your company. With Marketing Automation, you can design, publish, and share your content anywhere on the web where it is sought and read by your ideal candidates. Establish automated address and interaction chains (e.g. email chains) that will convince and educate your applicants in the ongoing application process. Use marketing automation for your inbound recruiting - the personnel marketing of the digital age.

Inbound Recruiting and Content Marketing 

The customer in inbound marketing is the equivalent to the candidate when it comes to inbound recruiting. Relevant content for this persona can be compiled from existing material. These can be, for example, the following:

Career webpage, details of the recruiting process and job advertisements

Social media marketing

Company videos and pictures

Get in touch with other departments such as marketing and PR. Existing studies or company information provide you with a valuable basis for your content marketing.

Read more tips and tricks on the subject of content marketing.

Inbound Recruiting methods

Phase 1: Create attraction (Attraction)

In the attraction phase of the inbound recruiting method, the main task is to attract attention. Through classical personnel marketing activities off and online your own company can be positioned and gain relevance. Important channels in the online area are for example:

Phase 2: Establish connection (Connection)

In the connection phase of the inbound recruiting method, the potential candidate already knows the company and the offers. The first interactions with the company take place in order to find out more and to better assess whether the offer is also interesting. Use these to find out valuable information about the candidate:

Phase 3: Build relationships (Engage)

In the engagement phase of the inbound recruiting method, it is critical that you use the previously gained insights. Personalize communication with the promising candidate and stand out from the crowd.

Phase 4: Keep enthusiasm

A new employee is hired and enriches your company. However, the inbound recruiting method does not end there. In the Delight Phase, these employees should continue to be enthusiastic about the company. This strengthens the commitment of the employee and ensures that a positive image is conveyed to the outside - and considerably increases employer attractiveness.

Job seekers want to know what your office looks like. They want to see and hear from the people they’ll be working with.


Making success visible with Inbound Recruiting 

With a sophisticated inbound recruiting strategy you will establish yourself as a pioneer in HR. Already considered a major topic in marketing today, inbound HR is still a rarity. Any form of interaction with shared content is recorded and evaluated by marketing automation software. No matter whether a retweet on Twitter, a Facebook like or a comment under the technical article on Xing - all this information is clearly displayed on a dashboard. If you position your company on a topic and report regularly on it, passive candidates will also be and remain in contact with you - and thus take a valuable step forward.

Introduction of Inbound Recruiting

The following steps must be observed before potential candidates can be approached:

Creation and validation of candidate personas

Keyword analysis (for Content Marketing/ SEO)

Content Marketing planning (Editorial calendar)

Content audit and definition of content creators

We are happy to support you with the selection of the right marketing automation software, the development of an inbound recruiting strategy, and the implementation of a content marketing strategy.