Market Success
in the
Digital Age

How do you meet the challenges of digitalization?


80% of all companies are not sufficiently prepared for the digitalization of their customer processes. As a result, customer potentials are not fully exploited. Cost advantages through digitized processes are not tapped.


70% of all companies worldwide want to digitalize their business processes and customer relations. Many companies recognize the potential of digital marketing and sales processes, but not their way to realization.


70% of all digitalization projects worldwide fail. Many companies suffer from a lack of digital skills in the team, coherent business strategy, and a qualified partner to support their digital change and running business.

We deliver data-driven business success in real-time

Data is the new oil of the digital age. For your company to tap into this source of growth, you need to digitally optimize your business, processes, technology and customer relationships - in real time. This requires the right strategy, system architecture, business processes and business support. With strong marketing, sales and service. And with the right partner.


Grow your business – in real-time

With strong customer relations.
With unique customer experiences.
With superior business intelligence.

Thought Leader Systems - We shape your market success in the digital age

We support you in your digital change processes in marketing, sales, and service. Together, we develop your full market potential and continuously increase the success of your business with our:

  • Strategy Think Tank
  • Consulting & Data Science
  • IT System Partner Service
  • Training & Academy
  • Marketing & Sales as a Service

We work with ambitious clients in long-term relationships

Our clients are leading B2B and B2C companies with ambitious growth targets from various industries such as manufacturing & high-tech, consumer goods, financial services, software as a service (SaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS), healthcare & medical technology, professional services, retail & tourism.


We enable you to succeed in every aspect

Top Management

  • growth strategies
  • business model development
  • business process management
  • business intelligence & data science
  • thought leadership positioning
  • customer experience management

Sales Management

  • B2B sales & omnichannel sales
  • lead management & CRM
  • customer acquisition
  • customer retention & cross-selling
  • sales strategy development
  • sales process digitalization

Marketing Management

  • buyer persona management
  • customer journey mapping
  • brand strategy & management
  • content marketing strategy
  • online marketing strategy
  • inbound marketing & marketing automation

Service Management

  • customer community management
  • customer service experience
  • customer loyalty programs
  • customer satisfaction measurement (NPS / CSAT)
  • digitalization of service processes
  • customer self-service portals

We combine leading software solutions for your digital market success

Create a seamless customer experience along the entire customer journey. For maximum lead generation, constant customer acquisition, cross-selling and customer advocacy.

  • Content Management System (CMS): attract website visitors through sales-oriented UX, outstanding Google rankings and continuous lead generation
  • Marketing Automation (MAT): turn website visitors into sales-qualified leads and increase their willingness to buy
  • Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM): increase the efficiency and power of your sales force with sales automation via CRM
  • E-Commerce Software (ECM): scale your B2B or B2C business with personalized e-commerce for real-time cross-selling and up-selling
  • Customer Service Software (CSS): use online customer service portals and agile service processes and for cost-efficient service in real time
  • Customer Online Academy (LMS): develop customers into active referrers through individual online training with Learning Management Software
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP): increase customer loyalty and customer lifetime value with a central customer data platform that intelligently controls all customer interactions company-wide with AI automation
  • Customer Experience Cloud (CX Cloud): Orchestrate the cooperation of marketing, sales and service in individualized workflows across the customer journey

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We create measurable success for our customers - with IMPACT


We gain superior customer knowledge from your company's business data. We benchmark your customer data in real-time with best practice. For data-driven marketing & sales in real-time with superior performance.


We identify new business potential, cost-saving, and growth opportunities for your business with our tried and tested management models, data analytics tools, KPI systems, and benchmarks.


We are seasoned experts with first-hand experience in management, marketing, sales, and service. We are dedicated to helping your team unfold their digital competencies – with consulting & coaching, training & academy, support & service.


We provide agile business support for marketing, sales, and service - for measurable sales increases and cost effects in real-time. With agile marketing campaigns, lead management, inside sales service, and much more.


We create closed-loop customer experiences - for long-term customer loyalty. We increase the ROI of your investments in marketing, sales, and service by continuous data-driven efficiency improvements.


As your IT system partner, we create an integrated software architecture and seamless data workflows. With software solutions from market leaders like Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, HubSpot, and Oracle.

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