Training and Development

Discover new competencies and activate fresh potentials to gain market success and Thought Leadership. Learn and train the tools of the trade, the management principles, as well as the necessary leadership qualities – being a Thought Leader means being a pioneer and leading the market.

We want to help you to encourage your customers to get actively involved in your business, be enthusiastic about your products, become fans, and establish long-lasting customer relationships. To achieve all that we train you in modern marketing and sales and the development of new business fields.

Develop your competencies and use your potentials

With the seminars we at Thought Leader Systems offer, we can help you to use Thought Leadership for your business, cause, and brand. We teach you fast and efficient with first-class didactics, professional teaching material, and individual support – even after the seminar in your day-to-day business.

We can offer you theses different types of training:

The three-step all-around training for every branch

  • With the Practitioner seminar, we will jump right into the basics for you to implement into your business as fast as possible. (Booking Code: TLAB1)
  • The Specialist seminar is designed to help you create, plan, and realize your own projects and campaigns. (Booking Code: TLAB2)
  • Our Business Director seminar contains the entire cross-sector Thought Leadership expertise and enables you to have insights into every aspect. (Booking Code: TLAB3)

Use our Keynote Speeches as a Source for Information and Inspiration

Thought Leadership is our passion. We provide motivational and inspirational presentations at your event or conference to enthrall you and your attendees with Thought Leadership. Our keynote speaker Britta Schlömer is an expert on future orientated marketing and the founder of Thought Leader Systems. Her keynote speeches spread the word of Thought Leadership as a modern business philosophy.

Keynote 1: Edison, Jobs, and other entrepreneurs. How Thought Leader have changed our ways to think and act

Both, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs, are considered to have been Thought Leader. They did not lead a market but created them. They also did not just create products, but entire systems. Britta Schlömer will lead you behind the curtain to show you, which universal laws Thought Leaders use to become thus. (Booking Code: IPV1)

Keynote 2: For they know not what they do. How Content Management Clogs the Internet – and how to successfully inform people in spite of it

Wherever you go, the modern claim to solve every management problem is “content is king.” Therefore, every business starts blogging, posting, and tweeting without contempt. Every day there is more content being produced than any customer could ever read. Experts call this phenomenon the ‘content shock’ or ‘content tsunami’. Britta Schlömer will show you how you can become the shining beacon amongst the masses with relevant, enthusing, and inspiring content. (Booking Code IPV2)

Keynote 3: From Customer to Individual. How Marketing 3.0 and Value-Centered Management will Revolutionize our Economy

Economic and societal icons are destroying their credibility as fast as they come. AAA, NFL, and GM, to name but a few, have enabled the economy to dismantle our society and more are to follow. But how can, in this climate, a business gain and retain trust? The solution is a new value-centered management and marketing approach. Britta Schlömer will inform and inspire you. (Booking Code IPV3)