Service Agency

The right partner for you – long term

Every business, brand and public service providers at times have to face certain challenges. The best partner to face these challenges is a flexible and reliable agency, which can adjust easily to the changing tasks of marketing, distribution, management, and communication.

We at Thought Leader Systems are just that – the right partner for you who can help you face your individual challenges. We help you for the long-haul. We guide you and your team through every aspect of Thought Leaderships and help you grow.

High ambitions, big achievements


Our clients have a demanding day-to-day business which requires constant attention and continual high-quality conception and execution. Our team’s state-of-the-art competencies allow us to constantly adapt to changes in our client’s and their customer’s environment in order to always provide the right solutions. Our goal sustainable success.

We combine the most recent marketing, management, distribution, and communication tools and methods with our own market-leading know-how. We highly invested in the topics of tomorrow to help you to set yourself apart from the other businesses in your field. To make you a Thought Leader.

The ideal services for your individual problems

As every one of our clients is an individual, so are our solutions and strategies for you. We use long-established marketing and PR as well as modern new concepts (e.g. creating brand facts). We help you to gain a lasting foot into the online world – with content management, inbound marketing, social media management, and with the creation of brand communities.

We do not have the one solution that solves every problem but we have one philosophy that does: make your customers want to get involved in your brand and message. Thereby increase customer loyalty, create an emotional connection, and encourage word-of-mouth recommendations.

We have been described by our partners as conversational and sympathetic, as strategically and pragmatically. We work as your partner in projects on site with your team, as a temporal partner to increase your team’s strength in peak times, and as a long-term partner to support you whenever necessary.

Solution 1: Project partner on site

In peak times or projects, our team comes to you to support, guide, and manage your Thought Leadership campaign. We can provide an interim management in cases of sick leave or new projects to train inexperienced staff or support your current staff.

When our team is integrated into your business we have found a significantly increased capability of your campaign to succeed. Furthermore, it increases the motivation and efficiency of your team – more structured, flexible, and responsive.

Together with your team, we ensure the success on-site by supporting you with workforce and know-how.

Solution 2: Your peak-time project support

The staff capacities in your marketing, distribution or communication department are usually only equipped to handle your day-to-day business. A project like a Thought Leader campaign can stretch them rather thin, which is why we support your teams during the individual project phases and peak-times.

Solution 3: Your long-term partner

Thought Leader Systems helps you as a permanent partner for your everyday operation – in all its aspects on topics.

Due to a long-lasting and trusting cooperation, we know our client’s business to the core. This enables us to focus on their goals and wishes while also being able to incorporate them into their business. We understand their brand, team, and processes, hence we are able to work fast and proactively and implement the necessary actions professionally.