Publishers & Media Companies

Thought leadership builds competitive advantages for media companies

Publishing houses, authors, and media companies face many different challenges. They need to stay relevant for their readership and audience. They have to stay top of mind in their target group despite shortening attention spans and heavy competition on the web and in social media. Publishers, magazines, TV stations and radio station share one important challenge: how to remain visible and relevant for their customers despite the ever increasing content flood on the web. Traditional publisher marketing can no longer satisfy these demands.

  • The Media has evolved to more than just single-format programs or books.

  • Media players have become complex systems, which accompany the customer in every aspect of his or her life, to make it an all-surrounding experience.

  • In the end, media and their content are just inspiring messages which touch people’s hearts and minds.

  • They are the stories, which encourage participation and sharing. They'd better be believable and valueable.



As a media company, publisher or content producer, thought leadership is the key for you to specifically increase your market reach and relevance. Our company can help you to connect all of your products and titles into one functioning network – online and as well as offline. We support media players to establish brand communities that ensure long-lasting success and growth in the media business.

By the way: we have helped renowned thought leaders to become German bestsellers. We know first-hand how to create and establish a well-known media brand or author franchise. We can help you at any step: from finding the right idea and positioning in the market down to the right distribution and marketing mix.

Just talk to us to find out more about what we can do for you.