Brands and Retail

Leading brands need market leadership as well as opinion leadership


On first glance, brands and retailers seem to be facing more and more difficult times. Customers pay less and less attention to the numerous innovations, relaunches, and product line extensions. The individual profiles of brands or retailers are experienced as interchangeable, both on- and offline. The increasing torrent of advertisements, special offers, and options overwhelms customers.

Although this development appears to be negative for you, it offers many possibilities as a look at the customer behavior shows. It shows us what customers do when they become overwhelmed:

  • Customers start to omit most of the adverts or product options they see. They only remember one provider per trade – the Thought Leader.
  • Customers regard brands that offer more than just new products, they react to brands, which satisfy their human needs.
  • Customers want to be active and involved and the brand needs to enable and encourage them to do so.

Thought Leadership knows how to incorporate your business model, your products and services, and every aspect of communication so that the customers understand, consciously and subconsciously, which human needs your products satisfy. For your customers as well as the greater good.

Do you want to be one of many or the only one?

The right marketing campaign can help you transcend beyond your product. By reaching this goal the campaign will not only show which benefits result from using your product but also what role it plays in society. A prime example is how Dove, a brand that promotes body care products (thus relies on its customer’s insecurity), has become the embodiment of natural beauty., the world’s leading Internet-based retailer, allows its customers freely to publish their uncensored product reviews. They have developed a sales platform that allows other suppliers to lowball them as much as they like, as well as offering mail order services for products they do not offer themselves. This high amount of supremacy creates trust – worldwide. Amazon has used this trust to signify the highest product competence, the best service, the fastest delivery, price leadership, authority, and inspiration. They have enabled their customers to feel they can expect Amazon to always be the pioneer, the Thought Leader, in their field.

Patagonia, a manufacturer of outdoor clothing, produces their cloth as a matter of principle only from recycled materials. They run groundbreaking social projects and has created a codex his employees and suppliers have to follow. By that, they have set themselves noticeably apart from any other similar brand. With their forward-thinking values, many customers see no alternative that fits their own standards – they have become a Thought Leader.

Thought Leader Brands use viral marketing, customer reviews, and word-of-mouth prominently and create their own, on- and offline, Brand Community platform.

Thought Leader brands are superior

We firmly believe that Thought Leadership is applicable in every field. It can make the difference between being one of many or the one many follow. We cannot wait to start the journey with you. Please talk to us to find out what we can do for you.