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Achieving market leadership with high tech and B2B marketing

Thought Leadership plays an important role when marketing products, technologies, or software solutions in need of explanation. Customers are interested in what’s beyond the appearance, in areas of application and features. Many manufacturers talk with pride and devotion about these topics.

However, it is not always the manufacturer with the best technology who is on top, but the one who has the most impact and radiates the most authority. No customer wants to take the risk of using a product, which – while perhaps technologically superior – has no online reviews or recommendations.

It matters not, whose technology is the best objectively, but what the customer perceives

Thought Leadership focuses on these key questions:

  • What are the customer’s experiences and expectations?
  • Who else, besides the customer is involved in the buying decision – what do the Buyer Personas tell us.
  • How does the customer get his or her information? Where do these come from?
  • Who are the key influencers?

Roter Luftballon
The sales and marketing department’s work closely together in a Thought Leadership campaign. They define different concepts of how to approach the target group and how to communicate with them, to make it an individual experience for the customer.

When creating and developing an innovation it is essential to consider the cycles accompanying the process (see figure above):

  • Technophilliac enthusiasts are the first to accept innovations and to spread the news in their community. They usually have their own language and their own pioneers.
  • The target groups of later phases within a cycle have different needs and focus on different aspects, e.g. the practical or economical use.

Thought Leaders are capable of addressing every single sub-target group. They also motivate the enthusiasts (target group at the launch) to communicate with the every-day-user.

The rules and principles of the Thought Leadership strategy are applicable to any branch – IT, High Tech, or online business.